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Archive for Legacy Products


IMPORTANT NOTE: The programs below are no longer in production. We provide download links for archival purposes, but the functions of these applications have been greatly enhanced and replaced by our current software products.

Doors NetXtremeTM

Doors NetXtreme™ is Keri’s newest access control software application, designed to manage the new Doors NetXtreme™ Ethernet-based hardware platform. It offers all of the convenience of a browser based application with none of the security risks associated with one. At a mere 30 megabytes in size, the thin client can fit virtually anywhere. Updates are pushed automatically to the clients when the server is updated eliminating the maintenance necessary on other applications.


  • Software Application to manage Keri’s new Doors NetXtreme™ TCP/IP hardware platform
  • Non-browser based for enhanced security
  • Familiar DoorsTM operation, but with updated look and feel
  • Thin Client/Server Architecture for easy software transportability
  • Multiple Concurrent Operator
  • Royalty free, enterprise level SQL Database
  • Automatic or Manual Configuration of hardware
  • True 1-button Auto configuration and Auto IP address assignment

NXT Documentation & Software:

Software: Doors NetXtreme™ v2.4.0
Software: Doors NetXtreme™ v2.3.0
Firmware: RIM controller v02.03.06
(includes the RIM v03.01.06 firmware release)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatNXT Doors NetXtreme™ Data Sheet
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatDoors NetXtreme™ Reference Manual
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatDoors NXT Software Installation
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatDoors NXT Software Release Notes v2.4.0

After downloading, unzip and select the files within the "CD-nxt-master-SOLO" folder or "Doors_NetXtreme_vX.X.X" folder to write to CD. For instructions on how to write files to a CD in Windows XP please click here (MS Knowledgebase).


BioPointe Central Software (for obsolete product Biopointe Fingerprint Reader) and Enrollment Station Driver

The BioPointe Central Software manages user enrollment and enables finger template sharing between BioPointe units. The Enrollment Station driver is strictly for the fingerprint enrollment station and is not compatible with BioPointe units.

Software File Size Download Time
(56K dial-up)
User Name
BioPointe Central v7.3 14 MB 35 min PASSWORD SUPVISOR
Enrollment Station Driver v2.2 7.67 MB 19 min -no password- -no password-

Click Here to view a list of documentation for BioPointe.

16-bit Doors

Please Note: This is an out-of-date version of Doors software, designed to work with an older generation of PXL-250 hardware.

Installation options allow this software to be installed as fully operational software or as demonstration software. For proper operation with PXL controllers, the host computer running Doors must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • PC compatible computer using a Pentium-90 or faster microprocessor
  • minimum of 16 MB of system RAM (the larger the cardholder database, the larger the RAM should be)
  • SVGA color monitor with SVGA graphics card (800 x 600 minimum resolution)
  • CD-ROM, 3.5 inch diskette drive, keyboard, mouse (or other pointing device)
  • 20 MB of hard disk space
  • COM port to support an external modem or direct RS-232 serial connection
  • Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT v4.0
  • Doors is NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows 3.xx, Windows NT v3.51, and MS-DOS

The firmware on all PXL-250 Controllers must be at revision 6.2.16 or lower to run this version of Doors.

Document Name File Size Download Time
(56K dial-up)
User Name
Doors for Windows™ 16-bit software 2.19 MB 6 min Keri Keri

Click Here to view a list of documentation for 16-bit Doors.

TAP - Transaction Analysis Program

Please Note: TAP is an out-of-date software package, designed to work only with PXL-100 hardware.

Document Name File Size Download Time
(56K dial-up)
TAP software 465 KB 1 min XXXX

Click Here to view a list of documentation for TAP.

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