2017 is upon us but before we relegate 2016 to the scrap heap of history, it’s time to look backwards so we can put 2017 in perspective.  Most people I’ve spoken to feel 2016 was a difficult year, and there was no ambiguity to it.  Troubling world events, a seemingly disproportionate amount of deaths and an almost historically reviled election, made 2016 seem to last for decades. If 2016 did seem to go on forever, it really only lasted 366 days.  It was a leap year so it had an extra day to inflict its woe upon us.

For Keri, 2016 was spent getting ready for 2017 and what a 2017 it’s going to be.  We integrated our European and our North America engineering staffs and then doubled their size and the first fruits of those efforts will be released this quarter.  This year, our partners will see the introduction of:

  • Five major hardware lines
  • Six new hardware product families that expand existing product lines
  • Four completely new software packages
  • A host of new integrations to more wireless access control lines, video, burg and fire products.

We’re also working on a number of productivity tools to make promoting, selling, installing and supporting Keri an easier and more profitable endeavor for our installation partners – the most overt example is this new web site which launched in November of 2016.  Our Marketing department has been working like mad to stay caught up but with all the pending releases; it’s like trying to get a small sip from a fire hose.

2016 was a year of change for Keri, but we know that change is only effective if it helps our partners.  Our partners are our eyes and ears so without you, we are blind.  If there is something that you need, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Whether 2016 was a banner year for you or, you waded through it with a hopeful eye towards 2017, I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2017 and look forward to out mutual, continued success.

Ken Geiszler

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