Keri Systems attended the 2017 Milestone MIPS Conference in San Antonio, TX
I recently had the pleasure of representing Keri Systems at the Milestone MIPS Conference in San Antonio, TX. 
Along with my coworker Jeff McCormick, I joined a broad group of manufacturers who integrate to Milestone’s X-Protect Video Management software and co-mingle them with specifiers, end users and integrators.
The Conference started with a broad presentation of Milestone’s accomplishments, and visions of the future.  Various speakers from Milestone took the audience through business, technology and marketing initiatives.

The second part of the conference was a focused trade show, allowing Milestone partners to exhibit their unique integrations to the X-protect interface.

We are pleased to report that the Keri/Milestone integration received very positive reviews, in its ability to work from either platform with full interconnection and two-way exchange of trigger and response actions.  It was frequently suggested that Keri has done a very nice, clean job of integrating to Milestone.

Most visitors were very happy to see Keri in this position, since they have been noticing our installations all around the country.

These partner arrangements are a huge part of Keri’s road map to future growth.  With an increasingly educated consumer and an advanced set of expectations, it is through extensive technology-partner arrangements that Keri will continue to rise to each new expectation. Co-marketing, co-branding and general cooperation between technology partners, maintains a high priority in Keri’s long-term road map to growth.

Vince Deiuliis, Director of Sales and Marketing

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