Keri Systems’ new release in the access control industry addresses many problems users face while maintaining the safety of their properties.

In response to a widespread need for easier and quicker control, Keri Systems developed VisualDOORS, a Graphical Administrative Client that puts all the most commonly used features within easy sight and reach.

Built on the foundation of Doors.NET, users may now enjoy exceptional ease of use while still maintaining access to the full features, on an as needed basis, by logging into the traditional version of the software. Users could also use both versions of the software simultaneously if a second client license is purchased.

These changes are welcomed news in the access control industry because it opens up more avenues for expediency, easier training, faster response times and saves hours on the job.

“Keri developed this product in response to what our users were telling us, and what we saw as general everyday frustrations with many access control products in general,” said Vince Deiuliis, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Ease of use is important, but not if it often sacrifices reliability and features. VisualDOORS is a bridge between the two, and it’s going to change the way users manage their systems.”

Visual Doors was introduced at ISC West and has since been featured in a number of Distributor events andwill continue to be demonstrated the product throughout the months of April and May.

More information is available on the preliminary data sheet, and the final version will be released soon. In the meantime, please reach out to our team with questions.

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