A recent release in the access control industry is big news for smaller enterprises and homes that need affordable door control.

Many homeowners and small businesses are finding that traditional lock and security systems are not secure enough to meet their needs. Physical keys are just one of many vulnerabilities one faces in these scenarios, especially when there are employees, contractors or clients who need access to the space.

While access control systems are the clear answer, many systems are designed to scale for large projects and spaces, and have a price tag to match.  Sometimes there is a simple need for entry to be granted by one trusted person inside the space.  Commonly, this includes some type of video verification.  This requirement has given birth to a new breed of Video Doorbell.  While the concept behind these units may be similar, there is a vast difference in functionality and physical integrity.

Keri System’s Entraguard ONE and Entraguard ONE + answer the call for single-door (telephone entry) video doorbell / intercom units. The rugged units are designed to secure the entrance to a residential or small commercial enterprise, one door at a time and can be installed in multiples to control access for many entrances.

Some of the features on the Entraguard ONE units include video monitoring of a door or gate, 2-way audio,with one-way video communication, and remote door control via smart devices. The cast-aluminum enclosure provides a robust housing that is far superior to other video doorbell units on the market.  What’s more is that Keri’s Entraguard ONE and Entraguard ONE+ are not just video doorbell units…..they are both equipped with a relay for control of an electric strike.  Consequently, unlike many of the recent entry entries into the Video Doorbell/Intercom arena, Keri’s units can open the door remotely; or in the case of the ONE+, locally with a code as well.

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