Keri Systems recently started offering affordable custom formatted cards and tags compatible with all HID 125 kHz proximity readers.

These ProxCard II ® family credentials are available in standard 26 bit Wiegand format in both pre-programmed number ranges that are available off-the-shelf, as well as custom facility code and ID ranges. The credentials can be formatted and delivered quickly, with a three day lead time.

Pricing is extremely competitive, and custom formatting costs customers far less than purchasing HID Proximity credentials at current market prices.

Keri Systems’ three Proximity Credentials, the Standard Light Proximity Card, the Multi Technology Card and the Proximity Key Ring Tag, can be used interchangeably and are available in off-the-shelf, 26-bit programming. Each of these options are functionally equivalent to most HID ®, ProxCard II ®, 26-Bit credentials.

“One of Keri Systems’ foremost goals is to accommodate our users’ frequent need for customization,” said Dennis Geiszler, Director of Business Development. “Custom-formatted replacement credentials are a cost-effective, fast solution that help our customers attain the flexibility they need to run their businesses efficiently.”

ProxCard II ® is a registered trademark of HID Corporation.

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