Keri’s Visual Doors

Recently introduced Visual DoorsTM  graphical interface for access control software by Keri Systems, is changing the way users manage their access control workflow, and is earning high praise from Dealers and End Users alike.

Visual Doors, which is packaged together with the latest version of Keri’s Doors.NET, is a separate, simplified Client for the administration of the Doors.NET software.

Over the course of years, Access Control software has evolved and become increasingly sophisticated.  As new features are requested, and in fact become mandatory, the software to manage those features has grown in complexity.  Doors.NET is no exception to that evolution path; in fact, Doors.NET has grown to a platform which will handle virtually any access control project known to man.  It is effectively capable of unlimited growth and encompasses features that many users are not even aware of.  What this has done is to mandate an interface that will provide controls for all this horsepower.

Recently, Keri has responded to a cry from the field for something graphical and simple; more in line with the way older, basic software packages looked when features were minimal.  The challenge was that nobody wants to give up “horsepower” or features.  To answer this call, the Keri Team designed Visual Doors.

Visual Doors is a separate client that is very graphical in nature.  It presents with checkboxes, radio buttons and large square icons, which are quite easy to identify with.  For users of a simple access control system, it can be the only software they ever see, even though Doors.NET lies just beneath the surface.

For those who require a complex feature set, Doors.NET can be the driving interface to set up a whole host of complex interactions.  Then, once the system is configured, Visual Doors can be used as a “leave-behind” for an end user who doesn’t need to see all the complexities of the system.  Visual Doors will allow and End-User to access all the common features of a basic access control systems, within the parameters of a simple, graphical interface.

Using  Visual Doors results in increased efficiency, fewer errors, and reduced employee training requirements, all without sacrificing important features.

“Visual Doors has been a huge hit with every Dealer and End User who sees it,” said Ed Hendricks, National Sales Manager for Keri, North America. “The presentation screen is visually attractive and easy to understand.  It literally stops people in their tracks when presented in a trade show environment.  Dealers walk up, stop, and say, ‘I like that; I can sell that.’ And our end users are enthusiastically thanking us for making their lives easier.”

Visual Doors is just one more tool in a complete and varied arsenal of products from Keri Systems, as they expand in both breadth and depth, to embrace a total security environment with a unified product.

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