Change reflects evolving business, future of Keri Systems in access control

Roughly 30 years ago, a novel idea took root among a small group of leading Access Control and Security professionals.  The concept was to develop a product that affordably penetrated the highest yielding sector of the access market and which was easy to implement and use.  Keri’s earliest product was targeted at the entry level of the marketplace, where electonic access was in it’s raw stages with hardware installers and locksmiths.


Being an offshoot of a major RFID manufacturer, the Indala Corporation, Keri’s first products were designed to “learn-enroll” cards. The idea was to create a controller and reader with a desire to eliminate the need for facility encoded credentials and the potential for duplicate cards .  Utilizing the “learn-enroll” process, Keri could completely eliminate the chance that any duplicate card would ever be made or shipped. Credentials could simply be programmed sequentially and shipped in lots. Consequently, the issue of facility encoding was conquered. Now, that’s how a company turns lemons into lemonaide and was the beginning of a critical thinking process that has sustained Keri throughout the years. That was just the beginning.


Fast-forward to Keri Systems today; we’re now on the very forefront of access control innovation, with products that are relied upon by people and businesses all over the world.  Today, Keri has a wide breadth of security products and integrates to a multitude of partner products. Our offerings take us from simple Access Control, to unified solutions that can manage the largest enterprises worldwide.  We’ve expanded and adjusted to changes in technology, and witnessed our products become pivotal to the safety and security of millions.


Today, one can find Keri’s integrated security solutions driving:  Access Control, Video, Telephone entry, Wireless Locks, Pedestrian Turnstiles, Biometric devices, Visitor Management, Elevator control and a host of other connected and remotely monitored disciplines.  Keri’s current range of products starts with a single door, Bluetooth controller and spans to our largest installed project with 13,000 openings in a global financial institution. In all, Keri’s installed systems number over 30,000 and growing.


In recognition of the many changes our company is undergoing, we are celebrating Keri’s history with a bold new look, a new physical address and a restructured website; all designed to better represent our brand and better serve our patrons.

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