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It’s once again time for ISC East, at the Javits Center in NY City.  ISC East has traditionally been an important show for Keri, as the North East United States is one of our strongest territories worldwide.

For many years, Keri has done a particularly good job of designing systems that cater to multi-tenant and multi-use facilities.  Going back to our early PXL products, Keri’s strong representation and diligent support to the high density populations in the North East have kept Keri products in the forefront of the industry to this lucrative and influential market.  Consequently, Keri has enjoyed a very strong following from the property managers in New England, and particularly New York.

For 2018 and beyond, Keri has secured the cooperation and partnership of several industry leaders to bring an even larger range of product offerings and integrations to the market.  This has truly been a year of strategic partnerships, with the intention of gaining strength through corporate cooperation.

Through our partners, Keri gains flexibility, adaptability and breadth of product.  We now find ourselves integrated with companies like: Allegion, Comelit, Savance, The LOT group, Milestone, Ganz, I-Lockers, etc.  The purpose is clear; to provide whatever is necessary to secure the assets of any company; regardless of size or style.

Our integrations provide us with capabilities in Video Integration, Wireless Lock Support, Visitor Management, Video Intercom, Pedestrian turnstiles, and a host of other technologies.  We value partnership as an important approach to keep our products flexible, and we are always aware that our partners provide a synergistic menu to a larger population.

Additionally this year, Keri will be re-introducing our Intelliprox Blue, single-door, Bluetooth controller, which has been a smashing success in 2018.  Keri’s IP-Blue is currently being sold in “Kit Form” at all the major distributors. It quickly sold-out upon launch and has been in demand ever since. After its introductory shipments, we quickly replenished inventories and continue to move large quantities of this revolutionary, economical solution to the marketplace.  Users tell us that IP-Blue is the perfect solution for an easy to use and manage, single door application.

We invite you to drop by our new booth at ISC East in NY.  The show dates are Wednesday and Thursday, November 14th and 15th.  You will find Sales and Marketing Managers from Keri Systems as well as our Regional Reps from the North East, US.  All of us, to the person, will be pleased to receive you and happy to discuss our products and opportunities.

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