2nd Generation

This month, in addition to the release of Keri’s new Neutron Controller, we’d like to take this opportunity to re-introduce our followers to our previous revolutionary product, now in its second generation.  Intelliprox Blue is Keri’s answer to those quick and simple installations where a single door needs to be managed by access control at a minimum cost and effort. Often this door doesn’t warrant a dedicated computer, or even a dedicated piece of software on an existing computer.  Consider Intelliprox Blue for that single door installation.

IP-Blue is app based, as opposed to computer software based.  Consequently, all management can be kept off your PC or network.  IP-Blue can be managed by anyone, using a mobile device and standing within Bluetooth range.  The app is free and there are no monthly fees. We’ve even had users apply this product to multiple doors in a facility.  While the the doors are not interconnected, they are easily be managed by passing within Bluetooth range and programming individually with a mobile device.  (Everything is password protected.)

Intelliprox Blue can manage both “in” and “out” readers at a door, using Keri’s exit or “E” series readers in conjunction with a standard NXT Reader.  Upto 250 users can be configured and the feature set includes most of the features one would want at a secured door, including some automation by time and day along with manual control.

If you haven’t taken a close look at IP-Blue, take a moment and look more closely at the product and data sheet.  Intelliprox Blue is available at most security distributors that handle the Keri Product line. If you don’t see IP-Blue on the shelves, ask your distributor to bring some in.  This product is a perfect fit for that customer that needs just one door protected, or several doors without the deployment of computer software.

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