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It would be hard to ignore the current news cycle as it relates to international events and policy, especially since we have an ongoing issue at the Southern border of the United States, and a current trade war in place with China.  The natural question that you, our partners, might ask is, “how does this affect our prices with Keri Systems?”

We’re happy to announce that the trade issues with China have very little impact on Keri, because Keri has very little reliance on any Chinese manufacturers..  We pride ourselves on using only the best manufacturing partners, a practice that began all the way back in 1990. We have been diligent in sourcing the best manufacturing resources from around the world, ever since it became impractical to manufacture electronic componentry on the West Coast of the US.

Keri is constantly involved in research to locate and exploit the best electronic manufacturing resources from around the world, using facilities in primarily in Malaysia, Singapore, while keeping some manufacturing in the US where practical..  We use engineering and design resources from the US, UK, Mexico, and a number of European countries. In short, we are an international company with the means and resources to make optimal use of engineering and manufacturing entities from the regions that grant us the best economies, while maintaining our high standards.

The only immutable fact is that card prices will inevitably be increasing modestly.  These are the only parts that have a significant component of Chinese labor and material, and the new tariffs have made it impossible to hold our prices at previous levels  We at Keri will strive to keep our card and fob prices as reasonable and competitive as possible, to minimize any impact upon you, or partners. In the end, this issue affects us all, but fortunately it is a small part of Keri’s total offering to you, our distributors and dealers.

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