Coronavirus and Keri’s Supply Channel

It certainly can’t be news to anyone today, that the coronavirus has disrupted the shipments and production of products in every industry.  Recently, manufacturers in various related security industries began broadcasting warnings to their constituents about delays in shipments and shortages of inventory.  We have heard word of several of our competitors experiencing shortages and not being able to ship orders.

Keri is happy to announce that due to our exceptional in-house operations and planning departments, we have been able to fill all orders promptly, even considering the closing-out of an exceptionally strong quarter.  Certainly, we cannot guarantee that we won’t face some challenges going forward, but proactive planning and inventory control has put us in a good situation to fend off this challenge. Additionally, and to our immediate benefit, Keri has very minimal direct reliance on Chinese manufacturing.

If you are having trouble getting product for your customer, whether you are a dealer or distributor, check with Keri for availability on our fine access offerings.  Chances are, we can fulfill your order where others couldn’t and possibly introduce you to a superior product along the way.

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