A Few Reassurances

In consideration of worldwide concerns over Coronavirus, and generalized fears regarding spread through human contact and interaction, Keri Systems offers the following reassurances:

For several years now, Keri has engaged in the practice of utilizing satellite offices and extensive work-from-home policies.  It is a fact, that for some time now, Keri employees have spent a very small portion of their time in close quarters with one another, as we are a totally networked, global organization.  Additionally, as mentioned in an earlier post, Keri has very limited exposure to products and services from China.  This is a result of spending our most recent years, sourcing products and subassemblies from the Philippines and Malaysia.  Consequently, we have avoided two of the highest risk activities associated with the spread of this virus; exposure to China and repeated contact with each other and outside elements.

There is currently no way to be completely safe from contact with this virus, but rest assured that Keri’s regular and existing practices are well ahead of the safety curve.  Keri’s products and services should be considered as “low risk” as is humanly possible.

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