Access Control Safety in a Pandemic

With the entire world scrambling to come up with ways to keep the workplace safe from Covid……

Keri Systems has a long standing tradition of producing feature-rich hardware and software to insure safety in the workplace.  These products and features continue to stand the test of time and have been implemented for innumerable security reasons.  With so much emphasis on video containment of this pandemic, maybe it’s time to look to Keri’s Access Control for the answers.

Consider these Valuable and Useful Features

Area control – Regulate the number of persons allowed to occupy an area at any one time. Get automatic email or SMS alerts if occupancy level is exceeded. Turn on indicators automatically to show facility is fully occupied.

Anti-pass back – Create rules to prevent credentials being used by other persons. Doors.NET automatically prevents a second use of a credential if the primary cardholder is already in the facility.

Conditional access – Combine abnormal temperature detection devices with card readers to control access – normal temperature and valid credential grants access, abnormal temperature can deny access and generate email or SMS alerts.

Track and trace – Create reports of who has entered your facility and when they entered.

Note: area control, anti-pass back require the use of in and out readers at each entry or exit to the facility. Ask your Keri Systems sales contact for more information.

Companies Choose Keri When Security Matters Most

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