The new ".21" software revision contains a number of exciting new features you'll want to read more about in the software release notes, but here are some highlights.

NXT Readers now have the capability to read HID cards - By updating the firmware in an upcoming new version of our NXT readers (the serial numbers will have an F at the end), customers can change the behavior of the readers to read HID 125 KHz cards instead of Keri NXT cards. The advantages are that a Reader Interface Module (NXT-RM3 or NXT-WI) is no longer necessary, and the customer gains the benefits of NXT reader supervision and much longer cable runs. The readers can handle virtually any standard HID 125 KHz card format, from 26-bit to Corporate 1000, and it all works perfectly with Doors.NET's Credential Types "format builder" feature and library when using Mercury Powered NXT controllers. Readers capable of being flash upgraded to read HID are as follows: NXT-3Rs are available now, NXT-5Rs by December 2015, and NXT-1R based on demand.

Easier Install - We have greatly simplified the process of installing the software, licensing, and Gateway setup, including a new License Manager component.

Windows 10 Support - Doors.NET now works with Windows 10, and in fact version .20 does as well, but we needed to perform plenty of testing before we announced it. We want to take this opportunity to remind customers still using Doors32 that it really is time to upgrade to Doors.NET because Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP.

Automatic Backup - The software now has the ability to automatically create database backups manually or according to a schedule (with System Calendar). It will store the latest 5 backups, then overwrite the oldest in whatever location the customer chooses.

I/O Linking for PXL-500 Controllers - The ability to configure basic I/O linkages on PXL-500 and SB-593 systems is now available in the "Link Actions" section of the controller property grid. For more complex linkages, customers can use Doors.NET's Advanced Local Linkage option.

Photo Recall for Entraguard - The photo recall (photo pop up) function now works with Entraguard telephone entry units.

Wireless Lock Integration Improvements - When using Mercury Powered NXT Controllers, the software now supports Allegion's new WRI-400 Wiegand PIM interface as well as Assa's PIN-only operation.

Usability Upgrades - A number of usability improvements have been made to the software, especially in the cardholder screens. Alerts may now be configured to bring Doors.NET to the forefront of the desktop instead of just flashing the system tray icon at the bottom of the screen. There are some new LED and beeper configuration options when using Mercury Powered NXT controllers as well as an easier way to scan and find these controllers on a network. These are the first of a number of coming usability improvements and a GUI simplification program Keri is embarking on.

For complete documentation on Doors.NET and a review of all the .21 details, go to the Doors.NET section of the Document Center as well as the NXT Controller Firmware Release Notes.

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