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How it Works

The Entraguard NPL II system uses an existing phone line as a means of direct communication with individual suites (rather like an intercom) to control building access. It does not dial out to a telephone company system. It replaces old or costly hard wire intercoms and eliminates monthly phone bills.

The Entraguard NPL II is ideal for housing authorities, apartment complexes, and office buldings. The panel is constructed of a vandal resistant 16 gauge stainless steel cover with backbox.

Standard Features

  • No Monthly Phone Bills
  • Call Waiting
  • Distinctive Double Ring
  • Capacity of up to 1,536 Users
  • EEPROM Memory
  • 4 Programmable Relays
  • Touch Tone and Rotary Operation
  • Adjustable Relay Time (0 to 240 seconds)
  • Adjustable Talk Time
  • Warning Tone to Alert Termination of Conversation
  • Postal Lock Provision
  • Entrakey® (Access Codes) Feature Standard
  • FCC/DOC Registered
  • Used in conjunction with the VF, PM4, PM5, and Advantage Series Entraguard Telephone Entry Control Systems or a standard touch tone phone.


Optional Features

  • Up to 96 floors of elevator control.

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