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How it Works

Entraguard uses the regular telephone lines in an apartment, condominium, office building, or closed community to provide the occupants with communication, control, and operations. Phone lines usually have excellent voice quality to assure positive identification of visitors, and using existing phone lines eliminates costly wiring.

Visitors select the occupants’ code number (not the occupant’s telephone number) from a directory and dial that code. The Entraguard dials the actual phone number and connects with the occupant to permit a normal two-way phone conversation. To allow visitors entry, the occupant dials “9” on the occupant’s telephone to prompt the Entraguard to allow entry.

The Entraguard PM4 Telephone Entry System


  • Models available to dial from 25 to 1,000 occupant telephones.
  • Nonvolatile EEprom permanent memory eliminates memory loss in the event of power interruption.
  • Built-in pre-wired postal lock provision.
  • Multiple dialing patterns:

          – Local calls (optional 10-digit)

          – Long distance (11-digits)

          – PBX extensions (Pattern must be specified)

  • Accepts occupants’ rotary or touch tone phones.
  • Units dial out in touch tone, rotary, or “automatic.”
  • Vandal and weather resistant 16 gauge steel construction.
  • User-friendly push button front panel programming.
  • Single digit LED display of all programming data.
  • Superior “hands-free” speaker quality.
  • Call duration programmable from 1 to 99 minutes.
  • 4 programmable output relays available.
  • Built-in “watch-dog” circuit to verify proper system operation.
  • “Listen-in” capability allows a customer to monitor the Entraguard location (hands-free unit only).
  • Remote programming via touch tone phone (optional).
  • User-friendly push button front panel programming.
  • Entrakey® personal access codes.
  • FCC registered.

Optional Features

  • Up to 96 floors of elevator control.
  • RCP – Remote Control Panel (for elevator control) 16 programmable relays.
  • ECP – Expander Control Panel (for elevator control) 8 programmable relays.
  • NPL – No Phone Line interface provides calling without a dedicated phone line.
  • Matching separate directory to list occupant names.
  • Flush mounting kit for recessed applications.


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