Keri Systems i2 Box Helps Make Installations a Breeze

The i2 Box mini appliance greatly simplifies installation because Keri's Doors.NET Appliance Edition Software is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, ready to use immediately. It is an embedded mini appliance PC with keyboard and mouse that has the capability to manage an access control system of up to 64 readers and 3000 cardholders. Installers will appreciate the time and hassle it saves because it removes Windows problems and other system issues commonly found when using a PC provided by the customer or purchased from a retailer.

  • Ultra compact size, extremely low cost, preloaded with Doors.NET Appliance Edition Access Control Software
  • No waiting for software to install or deal with Windows service pack and other updates or system issues
  • Saves installer time, money, and hassle
  • Suitable for installations up to 64 readers and 3000 cardholders
  • Eliminates errors and variability found in customer-provided or off-the-shelf PCs
  • Turn it on and discover your controllers, then start programming immediately
  • Small, quiet, IT-friendly/ready package with 4th generation Intel processor
  • Comes with keyboard, mouse, pedestal base, and VESA-mount bracket

The Appliance contains the Doors.NET Appliance Edition Application Server, Microsoft SQL Express database, and selectable PXL-500, NXT, and Mercury Powered NXT Gateways that allow it to connect to any Keri controller type. Simply choose your hardware platform and start configuring the system. The unit comes with rubber feet for horizontal placement, a pedestal base for vertical placement, and a rotating VESA Mounting Bracket for attachment to the back of a monitor.

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