Keri Systems Q2 2015 Newsletter

Keri Systems Q2 2015 Newsletter
Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation!
Keri Systems was proud to celebrate our 25 years in business this past May. We thanCelebrating 25 Years of Innovation!k our employees, our end user customers, and our dealer and distributor business partners for helping us make the past 25 years so successful. We look forward to the next 25! 
Case Study

Richmond's The Locks

Richmond's The LocksEncompassing six acres of Richmond’s downtown waterfront, The Locks is an exclusive enclave of residential and commercial spaces along the historic Haxall and Kanawha Canals, with the James River nearby. The Locks management wanted to replace their existing telephone entry units and add card access control, all under the command of a single software package. Keri's Entraguard and NXT access control hardware combined with Doors.NET software allowed them to do just that.

Learn more by clicking here.

Product SpotlightProduct Spotlight

Keri's TCP/IP-based NXT Controllers are available in two versions -

standard Keri firmware and Mercury Powered NXT Firmware. The standard Keri version provides all the functionality needed to perform most access control functions Mercury Powered NXT Firmware and more. Using the Mercury Powered version brings a much greater level of sophistication - the same feature set available in the hardware made by our technology partner, Mercury Security Corporation. In addition to this larger feature set, Mercury Powered NXT allows In and Out readers to occupy the same reader port (when using NXT Readers), thus doubling controller reader capacity. It also provides sophisticated I/O linking, anti-passback and occupancy (just to name a few), and allows connection to Assa Abloy and Allegion wireless and IP-enabled locks. When specifying NXT hardware for your next project, make sure you understand which version you'll need, and give us a call if you have any questions.

TechTalkTech Talk

For all of you installers and techies, did you know that Keri recently launched our Knowledge Base, and that it is constantly being expanded? This resource will help you see how similar installation challenges you may be facing were solved by other Keri dealers Q&A or by our tech support group. It is well organized and has a wealth of information, so we suggest you take a look at it. We also have a number of training videos available on our YouTube Channel that will walk you through the main areas of both hardware setup and software configuration. Future issues of the Keri Newsletter will focus on more specific topics, but we thought we'd start you off with these broad tools since they cover a variety of popular items.

NoticeIs Your Security System Secure?PXL-500 Customers

If you are still running on Windows XP it's not. Almost 15% of PCs still run XP and Microsoft stopped providing security updates almost a year ago. If you are still using Doors32 to manage your PXL-500 systems, the last Windows version that it was 100% compatible with was XP. Keri strongly recommends upgrading your software to Doors.NET which is fully compliant with all Microsoft Operating systems since XP and can take advantage of all Microsoft's support for it's newer operating systems. Don't leave a gaping hole in your security systms that hackers can exploit to enter your network. Upgrade to Doors.NET.

You'll extend the life of your access control system and you'll get a bunch of really nice features, including Emergency Lockdown.

This link will explain why upgrading is important for you.

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About Keri:

Keri Systems is North America's leading independent manufacturer of access control and integrated secuirty systems. Founded in 1990, Keri has been serving customers in over 90 countries with requirements from a single door to thousands of doors spread around the world, with integrated photo badging, telephone entry, video and more. Contact us to find out how we can become partners to solve your or your customers' security needs.

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