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Access Control for Multi-Family, Dormitory Facilities, Multi-Tenant Commercial, Mixed Use Developments and Assisted Livings Complexes

Todays’ modern multi-family properties have to embrace the latest in access control technology to remain competitive in their market and to keep their property safe and tenants happy. Security is, and will always remain top of mind for tenants who are choosing to invest in space for their business or home.

Choosing the appropriate access control solution is a major consideration for property managers and investors.  Not only will it offer the essential security and convenience, but it will provide a host of positives that make it easier to manage a property and do business.


What are some of the things a Multi-Family Access Control solution should do?

  • Quickly identify and flag users with past due rent
  • See detailed information about unauthorized residents
  • Appeal to tech-savvy tenants
  • Create a simple, single interface that is easy for staff to use and self-teach
  • Export resident activity for use in other billing systems
  • Eliminate keys and the myriad problems associated with them
  • Charge residents for special facility usage


How can I assure ROI on my access control solution?

After a brief payoff period, your access control solution should start to show an incremental profit to your business’ bottom line. If you’re in rent-controlled areas, you should aim to achieve a return on your investment within six months. You can facilitate ROI by looking at the following guidelines:

  • Clearly track collection of past due rent and choose a solution that can provide detailed  information about unauthorized residents.  
  • Allow landlords to charge more for residents’ space by demonstrating cutting edge technological security features.
  • Merge access control and video surveillance to easily identify illegal sub-letters. This concrete evidence provides the basis for the termination of old leases, replacing them with one reflecting current market conditions.
  • Your access control solution should provide tangible audit trails that mitigate potential negligence suits, by ensuring that employees have correctly removed past residents from the system. This eliminates the chance that previous residents can still gain access to apartments, flats or common areas.   
  • Choose a system that can utilize a fully integrated telephone entry system or digital intercom system as well as a single software user interface for administrators to learn and use, which minimizes training time.

How to choose an access control system?

  • Look for a system that demonstrates proven methods to assure ROI
  • Choose a provider that will keep up with new security trends and offer years of protection and peace of mind
  • Choose a solution that is simple to customize, integrate, operate, train users to maintain,and update when needed.
  • Choose a manufacturer and supplier with extensive history in the industry and a proven track record of working with other technologies.

Access Control, Intercom and Video in a single, easy-to-use software package

The partnership between Keri Systems and Allegion has created an optimal solution for property managers of all types of facilities.

Keri has been in the Access Control market for 29 years and has a family of hardware and software solutions, capable of handling anything from simple downmarket solutions for single doors, to thousands of doors with multiple integrations. Our current largest project consists of 13,000 doors, gates and vaults on a single installation.

Keri's key markets and current areas of focus are Multi-Family, Dormitory Facilities, Multi-Tenant facilities, Commercial/Mixed Use Developments and Assisted Livings Complexes.  Keri has placed our highest corporate priority to the support of the Allegion wireless locking solutions, due to the capabilities of Allegion’s superior Multi-Family Technologies.

Why the Keri/Allegion alliance Meets Multi-Family Market Needs

Keri’s solution offers the best ROI for the Multi-Family Operators, not only because there are no recurring fees but because it is a single, unified software platform for all their physical security requirements. This minimizes the implementation of additional systems to support three, four or even five different security platforms. Additionally, new administrative staff can train themselves on our web training portal, minimizing down-time for staff.   Keri’s intuitive software solution supports all of the following functions needed by Multi-Family Operators:

  • No Tour Locks
  • On-Line Wireless Locks
  • Hardwired Access Control Doors
  • Gate Access
  • Elevator Control
  • Telephone Entry or Digital Intercom Visitor Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Visitor Management
  • Mobile Client for tenant to unlock No Tour Doors
  • No recurring fees to the property manager or owner
  • New Bluetooth, mobile device Access, as an option on select doors

Benefits of the Keri/Allegion Alliance Solution for Multi-Family Access Control

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When customers take advantage of the Allegion-Keri Systems offering, they'll find every Access Control, Intercom and Video related need are in a single, easy-to-use software package for the property manager, eliminating the need to learn three, four or even five different software clients. In addition to Keri’s integration with Allegion, there is an integration to Comelit’s Video intercom product, allowing the three technologies to be controlled as one.  The Keri, integrated software suite, quite possibly may be the most cost-effective multi-family solution available.

Reviews of the Allegion-Keri product alliance

Kyle Brunett, Allegion Electrical Sales Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area
Keri has always exceeded my expectations when it comes to the Schlage product line...good people and great company.

Jay Rasmussen, Allegion Business Development Manager
Keri Systems took over a very large, complicated student housing project for UNLV in the late stages of construction and integrated Schlage solutions throughout the property, ensuring our opportunity on future projects for this private developer.  The Keri Systems team delivered on time and were very proactive in communicating what they were going to provide, time frames for completion, and effective training/implementation to the site management team.  Well done!

Larry Lindsey - Allegion ISC
South Texas
I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you/Keri. We have created a great partnership in South Texas that I feel would be beneficial for other Keri/Allegion representatives in other areas of the country. While we have had our bumps in the road, it has been great to work with your tech support when necessary. I look forward to growing our partnership in the future.

Current Installation Size and Enhanced Cloud Platform

To support the rapidly growing number of Allegion locks, Keri has moved our cloud service supporting No Tour, IP- Gateway and Wi-Fi Direct to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide the most reliable cloud back-end possible.   Keri currently has just under 3,000 locks on-line and active with another 2,500 expected to come on-line in less than three months.

Program for Allegion Door Hardware Partner

Keri Systems has just finalized a program to work in conjunction with Allegion's Door Hardware partners, allowing them to supply the locks while Keri trains the Property Management personnel on lock commissioning and software usage.  This program resolves the ongoing problem of having No-Tour locks installed on doors, with no one being responsible for commissioning and programming them.  This can happen when a project is provisioned with technologies from multiple disparate providers.  With this program, there are typically no recurring fees to the Property Manager.  If you have run into this problem before, please introduce us to your Door Hardware partners so we can set up a mutually beneficial program.  It really is a win-win-win-win for the Property Manager, Allegion, the Door Hardware partner and Keri.
Supported Features - Keri Supports virtually every feature of Allegion Wireless Products. The list of supported Features is extensive so please contact a Keri Sales Manager with specific questions.

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