Keri's New, Economical Mini-Controller -

Up to 8 Neutron controllers can be networked together to provide a small system, with the option of "In" and "Out" readers.


Neutron ® has been designed with low cost and small physical size in mind, yet maintains a powerful feature set, nearly equal to Keri's NXT controllers. Works exclusively with Keri's Visual Doors Software.

  • Networkable via RS-485 for up to 8 controllers
  • Capable of In/Out access using Keri's NXT-E readers in conjunction with a standard NXT reader
  • 1000 credential capacity
  • Programable Lock Time
  • Auto Unlock by time of day
  • 4000 Event Buffer (offline)
  • Same small footprint as Keri's Intelliprox BlueTM and sharing the same enclosure


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