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Now with the ability to manage 8 readers for In/Out requirements when using Mercury Powered firmware option and NXT Readers

The NXT-4D - Four Door/Eight Reader Controller is built for today's IT environments. With all Ethernet functionality built directly into the controller, Keri's proprietary MAC address allows for reliable hardware discovery and true 1 button autoconfiguration. By using an existing TCP/IP network, controller cabling costs can be eliminated, or by using inexpensive unshielded CAT5 cable if building a new network they can be reduced up to 50% over traditional hard-wired access systems. The NXT-4D is designed to be extremely intelligent with little reliance on network traffic for decision making allowing it to be extremely thrifty with any network's valuable bandwidth.

To expand the system's capabilities, up to four companion 4 x 4 Input/Output boards (NXT-4X4) can be added - one to each of the controller's RS-485 trunks (busses). Customers can choose between Keri's new line of highly secure, 4-wire NXT Proximity Readers with reader supervision, and any reader with a standard Wiegand output or Keri's MS Series Proximity Readers via the NXT-RM Reader Interface Module. To manage the system, Doors Net software has much of the same look and feel as Keri's acclaimed original Doors software, but with the added functionality of Client/Server architecture and a host of advanced features. For even greater functionality, customers may opt for the Mercury Powered option.


  • 4 Door/8 Reader Controller for Keri's Doors NXT product line
  • On-board TCP/IP - no network adapters required
  • Reduces controller cabling cost up to 50% over RS-485, Current Loop or other traditional networking schemes by allowing unshielded CAT5 cable
  • Utilize existing LAN/WAN/Ethernet or pull your own dedicated CAT-5 Network
  • Embedded MAC Address for One button AutoConfiguration
  • Built-In Tamper Input
  • Standard 4 PIN Block and RJ Jack built-in for network connection
  • Re-assignable Inputs and Outputs
  • Flash Memory for easy firmware upgrades
  • Up to 64 Controllers (256 doors) and 1024 auxiliary I/O points per controller network
  • 50,000 Cardholders, 10,000 Selectable Event Buffer per controller
  • Locking Metal Enclosure (optional without)
  • 96 Bit Encryption
NXT-4D - Four Door/Eight Reader Controller
Note: Controller shown without included enclosure.


Keri offers NXT Controllers with the Mercury Firmware option to provide enhanced functionality

Keri offers NXT Controllers with the Mercury Firmware option to provide enhanced functionality.


Please note, NXT is not compatible with the Doors/PXL family of products.


NXT-4D Documentation


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