Technology Roadshow with Keri, Allegion and Comelit

  • Feb. 14, 2018

Keri Introduces a New Technology Roadshow with Partners, Allegion and Comelit


Keri Systems, in conjunction with industry partners Allegion and Comelit are pleased to announce a series of traveling road shows, aimed at educating the industry on a seamlessly integrated platform.  For a considerable time, Keri, Allegion and Comelit have been combining efforts, to bring the market a collaboration of products that will appeal to most any property manager.  This fusion of products is being made visible to dealers, integrators and end users around the country.

Fall Schedule

  • Washington, D.C. - September 11, 9:00-3:00
  • Baltimore, MD - September 12, 9:00-3:00
  • Philadephia, PA - September 13, 9:00-3:00
  • Amherst, NY - September 18, 4:00-7:30
  • Independence, OH - September 19, 4:00-7:30
  • Cranberry Township - September 20, 4:00-7:30

What to Expect at the Technology Roadshow

During these shows, each manufacturer will speak to those in attendance for about 10 minutes each hour, to explain the features and benefits of their respective products.  Along with the individual presentations will be a continual exhibit of the unified platform, consisting of access control, wireless locks, and intercom on a single interface.  Keri’s Doors.NET software and NXT controller hardware are serving as the glue to bind these associated products into one cohesive platform.

Invitations have been sent to the collective data bases of all three manufacturers, however this is not a “closed” event.  The invite simply includes details of the event and helps us in our planning.  At the end of this post will be a link to the sign-up page for the show, but all interested parties are invited and may attend.  If it seems that the industry would be served by more days, larger venues. or more cities, additional accommodations will be made.

Initially, the Technology Roadshow will travel the US with targeted cities based on population, customer base and business history.  Anyone interested in learning about the first, real aggregation of these complementary technologies, should plan on joining us at one of our events.  

We believe all who attend will leave with a better understanding of the offerings of each manufacturer, along with an inside look at the unique and novel way that these companies have partnered to make a unified system more functional to an end user.

Join us at the Technology Roadshow!


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