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Why should i move my access control solution to the cloud?

  • Nov. 9, 2020


Why should I move my access control solution to the cloud?


Accessible from anywhere

Many access control security providers are now moving to a cloud based solution, but why? Cloud based access has multiple advantages over traditional local hosted solutions. One of the main advantages of moving your access solution to the cloud is the ability to login and monitor your system 24/7 from any device at any given time, so you know exactly who is in your building even if you’re not there. Keri Systems’ Borealis cloud solution is purposely designed for ease of use on Android and Apple iOS devices, as well as all traditional computers, laptops, and tablets.

Enhanced security

Cloud solutions also offer the added benefit of heightened security. Because your data is hosted on the cloud as opposed to a local system, you are mitigating the risks of a compromised database, which could result in the loss and leaking of confidential information. Borealis provides the reassurance that your access control solution is always stored on the cloud, removing the stress and worry of data loss. Borealis also reduces the costs and time expenditure of updating and maintaining a local software based system by automatically ensuring you are always on the newest version, with no user input required.



How can a cloud based solution help me and my business?


Easy to use

A large portion of access control software can often be complicated, difficult to navigate, and even harder to learn. They can contain complex menus and multiple settings which, while powerful if they are needed, can make for a frustrating experience. Borealis has been designed with ease of use and navigation in mind. Because our cloud solution is so simple to use, it means you don’t need a dedicated IT team to oversee the day to day use. It also means that training is kept to a minimum, saving you time, and more importantly, money 

Simple to master

Keri Systems Borealis offers all the benefits of a standard access control system, allowing you to add cardholders, create access groups, and run reports from anywhere in the world. This means that you’re never more than a login away from your security solution and offers the added benefit of allowing multi-administration to remote workers

How Can Keri Systems Borealis Cloud solution help my business?

By having the ability to log in from anywhere on a mobile device, you are able to modify access groups, and add or restrict card holders on your system from anywhere.
Grant employees access temporarily to other areas of your building, perhaps to cover a sick employee, even if you are not in the office.
Be in the know, monitor live events of your building from anywhere.
Running critical reports on a high risk situation from anywhere with internet access, even 3G or 4G.
Add and remove hardware on-site from a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device, laptop or tablet saving you time.
No more complicated networking issues, simply plug and play with the new Borealis hub.

How does a cloud solution work?

The focus of a cloud solution is to shift all the data, hardware maintenance, and software updates into a series of high security data centers. These data centrescenters, known as the Cloud, are accessible by internet connected devices after completing security authentication procedures. In the case of Borealis, you simply open a web browser on your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac and manage your Access cControl system from anywhere in the world without worrying about any of the traditional maintenance concerns.

All cloud maintenance is automated in the background without interruption to your data or application. In the same way you connect to the Cloud, the Access Control hardware you own also makes a connection to the cloud and identifies itself as belonging to you, therefore the Cloud becomes a channel for you to control and manage your hardware.


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