Archive – March 2020

Stimulus Package Benefits to Security Sales and Upgrades

COVID-19 Stimulus Law “Phase 3”

  • March 31, 2020

As March comes to a close, we’re seeing the contents of a major stimulus package signed into law, unpacked and interpreted by businesses throughout the United States. Phase 3 of the Coronavirus assistance package introduces several significant benefits to the Security Industry, which should benefit both installing dealers and facility owners/managers. Some of these changes enable businesses to write off costs associated with interior improvements to a facility, instead of having to depreciate those improvements over the 39-year life of a building. 


Notice to Keri Customers and Partners on the Coronavirus epidemic

A Few Reassurances

  • March 11, 2020

For several years now, Keri has engaged in the practice of utilizing satellite offices and extensive work-from-home policies.  It is a fact, that for some time now, Keri employees have spent a very small portion of their time in close quarters with one another, as we are a totally networked, global organization.  Keri also has very limited exposure to products and services from China. There is no way to be completely safe from contact with this virus, but rest assured that Keri’s regular and existing practices are well ahead of the safety curve...