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Important Daylight Saving Time Announcement

Have you heard about the changes to Daylight Saving Time in 2007?

The Federal Government has mandated changes to its DST policy(1) that effectively increase the observance of Daylight Saving Time by nearly a month in 2007.

Although embraced by labor and industry alike, these changes will obviously create some challenges in the realm of computing, electronics and automated control. Among these industries reside countless articles of embedded firmware that have been programmed to the previous standard.

Likewise, the newly proposed and soon to be enacted changes, will affect many users of Keri Systems Access Control and Telephone Entry, as DST is generally programmed for automatic adjustment.


To date, all installed chipsets are programmed for the conventional DST changes; therefore changes will not occur on the new schedule, but on the traditional dates. To prevent access decisions from occurring at the wrong times, Keri Technical Support suggest that Daylight Saving Adjust feature be turned off. This feature can be found using the following menu selections in Doors TM:

Setup System/System Options/Network Master Parameters/Daylight Saving Adjust

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