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Keri Systems’ Product Focus – LAN Connectivity

Many customers are organizations that have multiple facilities, offices, buildings, etc., that are spread out across town, states, countries or even the world. With the exponential growth of Information Technology (IT) and the various types of TCP/IP networks to currently in place or being built to support these customers, security equipment manufacturers, system integrators and end users are now taking advantage of these networks by utilizing these existing backbones for connecting various components of a security system to save time, cabling, and expense. This is especially true for customers who have Ethernet/LAN/WAN infrastructure in place between multiple remote facilities, allowing a system that is physically spread over a wide area to be managed as a single entity.

To meet the need for networking capability, Keri Systems now offers several new products that are IT-friendly. To provide customers using Keri’s Doors access control software more flexibility in managing multiple, remote, physical sites, Keri Systems is now offering enhanced networking capability. By using Keri’s LAN-520 LAN Port in combination with an NC-485 Network Converter, PXL-500 Tiger II Controllers, which are normally connected via a two-wire RS-485 network, can be connected via Ethernet to bridge long distances within a facility or campus, as well as across any distance where a LAN/WAN exists. This allows customers to combine what would normally be separate sites, each with their own RS-485 network, into a single site for better security management, whether across a corporate campus or across town. LAN-520 Port Module
LAN-520 Module
NC-485 - RS-485 Communication Over Ethernet
NC-485 Module
Typically, access controllers within a building or group of buildings would be connected using an RS-485 network. If cabling to another building is cost-prohibitive or impossible, but an Ethernet backbone exists between them, the connection can be made by using the LAN-520 LAN Port and NC-485 Network Converter on network segment, which converts the RS-485 network data to an Ethernet packet, then back to RS-485 where the network can be continued. If the customer chooses not to run any RS-485 networking, all controllers can be connected via TCP/IP to take advantage of the existing Ethernet LAN/WAN.
As an additional boost to IT compatibility, Keri has introduced its KDC-8 8-Door Concentrator, which allows for up to four PXL-500 Tiger Controllers and four SB-593 Satellite Expansion Boards to be located in a single 19-inch IT rack-mountable or wall mountable cabinet. Controllers mounted in an 8-Door Concentrator can be connected to other individual PXL-500s or Entraguard telephone entry units in a Keri network. 8-Door Concentrator
8-Door Concentrator

January 2006

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