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The BioPointe Fingerprint Reader

  • Combines many functions into a single model and footprint
  • 720 users standard, 4,400 users with extended memory version
  • PIN+Fingerprint, Fingerprint-only, and Keypad-only in a single unit, definable by user
  • Optional embedded Pyramid Proximity (HID-compatible) for fast and easy template loading, or Card-only and Card+PIN access definable by individual user
  • Superior optical sensor and read algorithm
  • Compatible with Keri’s PXL-500W Tiger II Controller and any other manufacturer’s Wiegand-compatible controller
  • Software and hardware tools for aiding in enrollment and template management
  • 20,000 event storage capacity
  • RS-485 networking between readers for template sharing

Keri’s BioPointe fingerprint reader provides customers with added security for sensitive locations along with the ability for the same unit to operate in several modes to allow for flexibility in user assignment. Because it has an industry standard 26-bit Wiegand output, BioPointe is compatible with Keri’s PXL-500W Tiger II Controller as well as virtually any other manufacturer’s controller. Each standard unit can store 720 prints in memory while the optional Extended Memory units can store 4,400 prints.

With its integrated keypad, BioPointe combines into a single unit many of the functions that require multiple products from other manufacturers, and at a much lower price. Individual users can be assigned to require PIN+fingerprint, fingerprint-only, or keypad-only. For those customers who prefer the optional embedded proximity reader to pre-load the fingerprint template, the same functions apply such that selected users can be assigned card-only status. BioPointe readers with embedded proximity are compatible with both Pyramid Series and HID cards/tags.

When multiple readers are employed in a system, they can be connected via an RS-485 network so that fingerprint templates can be shared from the enrollment reader to the other readers on the system via Keri’s BioPointe Central software, which also provides managment and reporting capabilities. When used with the optinal KES-12 Enrollment Station, enrollment parameters can be optimized and enrolled users can be uploaded directly to the network.


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