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Complex problems require innovative solutions. DHS is constantly scanning the horizon for the latest technology, analyzing new threats and providing you with the solutions you need to secure your facility. DHS EclipseTM provides seamless integrated security solutions including access control, photo identification, CCTV, digital video, biometrics, alarm management and information systems.

One size does not fit all. The EclipseTM family of systems provides you with an open architecture platform that is scaleable and flexible. You determine the requirements. You set the rules. All EclipseTM systems are compatible with the industry elite Mercury Security control panels.

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DHS is committed to providing our customers with non-proprietary, interoperable solutions that give you the freedom to upgrade, expand, integrate and maintain your systems without the fear of proprietary legacy hardware. Open standards is the best way to future proof your system. DHS experts have experience with high security federal facilities, airports, high rise buildings, fortune 500, hospitals, universities, institutions, gaming, retail, industrial and small corporate offices.

DHS can work with you to asses the threats to your organization and develop a plan to secure your facility. Contact DHS today to discuss your needs.


  • Seamless Integration of Security Management, Access Control, Photo Identification, CCTV, digital video, alarm management, intrusion detection, biometrics and data management.
  • Non-proprietary hardware
  • Open Architecture
  • User configurable User Interface
  • Custom features without custom software

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