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Keri has introduced a distributor 2-door shelf kit that contains the key Keri components required to install a 2-door system, and what is not included (full compliment of cards/tags, locks, switches, buttons, wire, etc.) can be obtained from your distributor’s shelves. The kit contains:

  • 1 ea. PXL-500P Tiger II Controller
  • 1 ea. SB-593 Expansion Board
  • 2 ea. MS-3000 MicroStar Proximity Readers
  • 1 ea. Doors Software CD
  • 1 ea. RS-232 Cable (PC to Controller)
  • 2 ea. KC-10X Lifetime Proximity Cards, MT-10X MultiTechnology Cards, PKT-10X Key Ring Tags
  • 1 ea. KPS-4 Power Supply and Transformer
2-Door Kit NOTE: We included only 2 of each card/tag because every customer will require a different number of cards/tags based on their user population. Thus, it would be impossible to provide the exact number of cards/tags needed, meaning customers would either be paying for more than they need or be required to purchase more at the counter anyway.

Available through distribution only.

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