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Q – Who is Mercury Security Corporation?

A – Mercury is a well known and highly respected open source OEM provider of access controllers and associated hardware, providing their hardware platform to 18 access control system manufacturers worldwide.  They are known for their quality, reliability, and extensive feature set.

Q – Why make NXT controllers Mercury Powered?

A – Keri wishes to bring the extensive set of Mercury features to our traditional market space.

Q – Why do the Mercury-powered controllers (MSC-enabled) cost more than standard NXT controllers?

A – Because they provide capabilities beyond standard NXT controllers, and for that Mercury is paid a license fee for their development and support.

Q – What advantages are gained by Doors.NET and Eclipse.NET customers who use the Merc-enabled controllers vs. standard NXT controllers?

A – Merc-enabled NXT controllers make available a whole new set of higher-end features, including Global AntiPassback, extensive I/O linkage macros, and a host of others.  These differences will be viewable in Keri’s Feature Matrix document.

Q – Can I mix standard NXT controllers with Merc-enabled NXT controllers on projects within a single site or across multiple sites with Doors.NET or Eclipse.NET?

A – Yes and yes.  The only differences are that a) the two versions will communicate with our software through separate Gateways, and b) the higher-end features will only be available on the Merc-enabled controllers in a mixed system.

Q – Which Keri software products work with which hardware versions?

A – Doors.NET works with standard Keri NXT controllers and Merc-enabled NXT controllers, but not with real Mercury controllers.  Eclipse.NET works with all three.

Q – Does an Eclipse system using the Mercury-powered NXT controllers have the same features as with real Mercury panels?

A – Yes, with some very slight differences as they relate to the difference in the respective hardware platforms’ architectures.  Check the Feature Matrix for details.

Q – Can I mix Merc-enabled NXT controllers with real Mercury controllers on Eclipse projects within a single site or across multiple sites?

A – Because they use the same Doors.NET or Eclipse.NET SCP Mercury Gateway, it is possible to connect to the Mercury EP Series controller but not the older AP Series.

Q – Will Mercury SIO Modules such as the SCP-DDM (MR-52) work with NXT Controllers, and conversely, will Keri’s NXT modules such as the NXT-4X4 and NXT-GIOX work with real Mercury controllers such as the EP-1502?

A – No and no.

Q – Can I purchase from and use Merc-enabled NXT controllers from another Mercury OEM supplier?

A – The rationale behind the Keri/Mercury partnership is to enhance Keri’s NXT hardware platform’s capabilities.  As such, Keri will not provide these controllers to 3rd party OEMs.

Q – Will other Mercury OEMs be able to communicate with Merc-enabled NXT panels?

A – Mercury Powered NXT controllers will be available on the open market through Keri’s standard distribution channels.  It is technically possible for any Mercury OEM willing to re-map all of the I/O’s to achieve a functional level of compatibility.

Q – When will the Mercury Powered NXT controllers be available?

A – We are completing our beta cycle now (October 2010), with limited quantities available later in October, and full production beginning in December.

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