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The P-400 Gibraltar Proximity Reader

The P-400 Gibraltar Proximity Reader is one of the newest member of Keri’s Pyramid Series Proximity line of OEM readers, cards, and tags, and is specifically intended for access control applications where crime and vandalism are a constant threat.

The P-400, milled from a solid piece of stainless steel, provides up to 1 inch (25 mm) of read range. Protecting the window through which the proximity electronics read is Fibertex®, a UL-752 listed material for bulletproof integrity. Installing dealers will appreciate the P-400’s single picec design, standard pass through Wiegand™ or magnetic stripe interface, and potted weather and vandal resistant electronics, all backed by a lifetime warranty.

The P-400 is ideal for any application where other types of readers (including proximity) may fail due to vandalism. Many access applications do not lend themselves to concealment of a reader inside or behind a wall, so the reader must be exposed to the perilous environment. Examples of applications include housing projects, prisons, schools and universities, hospitals, and military facilities.

The P-400, engineered using ultra-reliable surface mount components and backed by a lifetime warranty, features an audible tone. The audio tone can be controlled independently by the access controller. It operates from 5 to 14 VDC at a nominal current draw of just 90 mA.

Most recently, Keri confirms that a license agreement has been concluded with HID Corporation. This agreement allows the P-300 to be optionally configured at the factory to read HID’s proximity access control cards, including the ProxCard II® and ISOProx II®, as well as the complete range of Pyramid Series credentials.

The P-400 is complemented by a complete line of access credentials that may be used interchangeably with any Pyramid Series Proximity Reader. They include the PSC-1 Standard Light Proximity Card featuring a lifetime warranty, the dye sublimation printable ISO-thin PSM-2 Multi-Technology Proximity Card available with a magnetic stripe, and one of the smallest, most durable credentials available, the PSK-3 Proximity Key Ring Tag.


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