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  • Use multi-conductor cable with an overall foil shield.

  • Insure the installation has a good earth ground.

  • Insure the shield, or screen wire for the reader’s cable, is tied to ground at only one end.

  • For best performance, install longer range readers at least 10 feet (3 m) from computer monitors.

  • Insure proper operational voltage is present at the reader.

  • For best performance, use regulated linear power supplies.

  • For longest read range, use PSC-1 Standard Light Proximity Card. Unless otherwise stated, read range is stated in a clean RF and electrical environment using the Standard Light Proximity card presented parallel to reader surface with reader operating at 12 VDC.

  • For best read range with each credential, present the credential parallel to the front and center face of reader. When the credential is read the reader will respond with a beep and a flash.

  • Use a minimum wire gauge of 24 AWG (0.6 mm). Due to voltage drop, a larger gauge of wire may be required for longer runs.

  • Read the appropriate Quick Start Guide before installing.


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