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  • Integrated with Access Control, or stand alone DVR functionality
  • Sophisticated DVR features
  • Powerful access control interface for search, retrieval, and playback of associated access and video events
  • Programmable for continuous, motion-triggered, and event-triggered recording
  • Simultaneous recording and playback/review of video
  • 4, 8, 16, and 32 camera versions
  • Rack mountable
  • Optional RAID Level 5, fault-tolerant data storage
The BioPointe Fingerprint Reader
  Video Server with Live Monitoring

Keri’s Visions video/access platform combines our popular access control hardware and software with the latest advances in digital video technology to provide customers with superb stand alone and integrated access + CCTV solutions. The Visions product is comprised of a line of Digital Video Recorders (DVR) combined with Visions software. Visions is offered in 4, 8, 16, and 32 camera models, and depending upon video card/camera combinations, can record from 64 to 240 frames per second. When deployed as an integrated system, users can choose either a single box solution with the Visions and Doors software operating on the same DVR/Video Access Server, or for optimum performance, a Client/Server “two-box” solution.

When integrated with Doors, after initially configuring cameras to coincide with doors, gates, or other input points on the access control system, subsequent Doors QuickSearch reports will communicate with the Visions Server application to find and list any access system events that also have associated video clips and play them back in a viewer window on demand. The Visions Server application records and retrieves all video events, as well as providing on-screen camera control and live monitoring, in a powerful, easy-to-use interface.

Using Doors to locate a video clip within Visions:

1) Use Doors‘ Quick Search Event Report to identify an event category in which to search. In this window, the report criteria has been limited to the video clips for events at the “Back Door”, within plus/minus five seconds of the event occurring. Quick Search Event Report Window
  Quick Search Access Control Event Report Criteria with Video
– Viewing Back Door Events –
2) Scan through the list of events the report has found. Events with associated video are identified. Note that one of the events with video is a “Door Forced Open” event. Click its associated Video Found button. Events with Associated Video Clips
  Events with Associated Video Clips
– Door Forced Open –
3) A new window appears with a video player, showing the clip associated with the selected event. Playback of Selected Video Event
Playback of Selected Video Event
– Review the Clip –

Video Server Features:

  • Up to 32 cameras
  • From 64 up to 240 frames per second based on video card/camera combinations, on a single PC
  • Pre-event and Post-event for Motion Detection Recording
  • Watermarked video to prevent tampering
  • Selectable frame rate for each camera
  • Selectable wavelet or MPEG recording
  • Simultaneous recording, live monitoring, and archived playback
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM video standards
  • Supports 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 frame dimensions
  • Backup and/or export video to CD-RW disc
  • 160 GB Hard Drive
  • Optional 480 GB, RAID Level 5, fault-tolerant data storage
  • Assignable Operator Privileges
  • Remote Administration via Visions Clients
  • Remote Monitoring
  • PTZ Control
  • SmartSearch to pinpoint items moved from position
  • Up to 256 simultaneous connections from Remote Visions Clients


  1. Keri strongly recommends using the two-PC Video/Access system option when using the “live monitoring” feature to ensure optimum system performance.
  2. Multiple video servers may be networked on a LAN, but only one video server can be accessed by Doors. Ensure all cameras associated with Doors are connected together on that one video server.

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