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Pyramid Series Proximity™ e-Press Newsletter

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Volume 1 – Issue 2

If you are an access control professional and are looking for real choice, you will find the Pyramid Series Proximity line with optional HID compatibility is Your Intelligent Proximity Alternative™.

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In this Issue . . .

Data Interface Formats
Product Spotlight – PSM-2 Multi Technology Proximity Card
Consultant’s Corner
International Sales and Distibution Offices

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Data Interface Formats

Pyramid Reader and Card/Key Ring Tag Pyramid Series communicates via Wiegand or ABA Track II Magnetic Stripe (also known as clock and data) data interface formats. Today the Wiegand data format is the electronic access control industry’s typical interface used to support communications between proximity readers and field control panels. Pyramid Series readers follow the Wiegand standard as specified in the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Access Control Standard Protocol for the 26-Bit Wiegand Interface document.

Pyramid Series cards and tags can be formatted in either the industry standard 26-Bit Weigand format or in any number of custom Wiegand formats. Within the industry standard 26-Bit Wiegand format Pyramid Series provides for a full implementation, affording customers the option of selecting the facility code (0 to 255 possible) and ID range (1 to 65,536 possible per facility code) required. Or for even quicker delivery we maintain a significant inventory of pre-programmed, 26-Bit Wiegand formatted PSC-1 Standard Light Proximity Cards, PSM-2 Multi Technology Proximity Cards, and PSK-3 Proximity Key Ring Tags ready to ship when needed.

Many customers opt for a custom Wiegand format because they need more facility codes and ID numbers, additional data fields (site code, city code, OEM code, etc.), enhanced security and/or heightened exclusivity. Custom Pyramid Series Wiegand formats can typically support up to 64-bits of customer definable data, though formats with larger bit counts are also available. As an added benefit and additional security, Keri tracks the unique coding of each and every custom formatted card and tag. If a system manufacturer, integrator or end user has an existing custom format with another card and reader manufacturer, we can normally match that format. And its important to note that we are happy to assist in the design and implementation of a custom Wiegand format at no additional charge.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view or print the Pyramid Series Wiegand Data Format Reference document.

Click Here to link to an order form for the SIA’s Access Control Standard Protocol for the 26-bit Wiegand Interface document.

Product Spotlight – PSM-2 Multi Technology Proximity Card

Pyramid Reader and Card/Key Ring Tag Looking for a proximity card the actual size and thickness of a credit card? How about one that can be dye sub printed with a photo ID, bar code, and color graphics? Or that includes the option of a magnetic stripe, will support the embedding of a smart card chip module, and features up to four inches (102 mm) of read range with the P-500 Alps Wall Switch Proximity Reader? If so, then the PSM-2 Multi Technology Proximity Card is your best choice. ISO 7813 compliant at a nominal thickness of just 0.031 inches (0.8 mm), the PSM-2 is a natural for end users looking for multiple ID technologies, such as proximity and photo ID, all combined in a single card.

PSM-2s are sequentially numbered in the exact coding sequence ordered, with no gaps and no under- or over-runs. They can be ordered with the industry standard 26-bit Wiegand format, or any custom Wiegand format. Each PSM-2 is ink jet marked with the internal ID number, and can be used on each and every Pyramid Series reader interchangeably with the PSC-1 Standard Light Proximity Card and the PSK-3 Proximity Key Ring Tag.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view or print the PSM-2 Multi Technology Proximity Card Data Sheet.

Click Here to learn about one popular dye sub printer.

Consultant’s Corner

The Pyramid Series Bid Specification Document was created especially for electronic access control consultants and specifying engineers. It documents the features and attributes (such as optional HID compatibility) of each and every product that make up the Pyramid Series line. Written in a style that follows the guidelines established by the Construction Specifications Institute, consultants and specifiers alike will find it easy to use with only minor editing. The Bid Specification Document is available in the Downloads section of the Keri website in both Microsoft Word™ and Adobe Acrobat™ formats.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view or print the Bid Specification in Adobe PDF format.

Microsoft Word (DOC) formatClick Here to view or print the Bid Specification in Microsoft Word format.

Click Here to view the Downloads section of the Keri website.

International Sales and Distribution Offices

The Earth Pyramid Series readers, cards and tags are supported around the world by our network of local offices. These local Keri offices are there to provide factory-trained sales, marketing, technical and distribution support. Please feel free to contact them directly for all your proximity needs.

  • In Australia and New Zealand contact Mr. Dom Marks at telephone +61-2-4353-0466.
  • In Latin America, Brazil, and Spain contact Mr. Felix Placer at telephone +1-(786) 331-8775.
  • In the United Kingdom and Ireland contact Mr. Garry Pound at telephone +44-(0)8704-447234.
  • Or, for any location, contact Mr. Scott Lindley at telephone +1-(408) 435-8400 x122.

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