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"Fantastic job"

"The best tech support. Extremely helpful"

"Tech support - You make me look good"

"Just need to say how awesome Jeff McCormick is. He gives Keri a great name. We really appreciate Keri standing by their products and providing excellent support."

Sean Phillips

Fidelity Burglar & Fire Alarm Company

"To Technical support TEAM UK,

Walker safety products has been working with Keri Systems Inc USA, for almost 2 years. Our technical support comes from Keri Systems UK due to the time zone, as we are located in Singapore.

I have to say that over the past 2 years, the tech support from the UK office has been marvellous. It’s something that we ourselves have never experienced before, as we have encountered dealing with big corporations with poor tech support, with too much red tape. Unlike Keri, which is a medium size company with a big heart, fantastic marketing, and more importantly superb technical support from the UK.

I would like to also draw special attention to two people, Mr Tent Roper and Mr Gary Coleman, in particular Trent Roper, who has patiently and always willing to lend that helping hand when needed. They take the rouble to go the extra mile; even having follow up emails to see that the problems are solved. Till date, we do not have any technical problems that went unsolved.

In short you can have a great product, but more importantly is the technical support that comes with it, which is why Keri Systems is the choice and the company to work with. Great product with great technical support. Keep up the good work. "

Thanking you

For Walker Safety Products Pte Ltd

Trevor Ng – Managing Director

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your company. But first a little back round. Last week I was having a bad week of different things breaking down and stuff not going right. The worst of which was on Tuesday when a brand new camera system would not function and I sat on hold for 30 minutes and never spoke to a single live person. Then Thursday at 3:30pm my time a customer calls telling me his Keri system went down. In my head I figured that my Friday of going to State fair with my kids was now shot. I get to the customer a little before 5:00 and look at the system and have no idea why it is not talking so I call tech support. Within less than 30 seconds I am talking to a LIVE person who is actually trying to help me. Then my stupid cell phone dropped the call. I called back and sure enough, I have a LIVE person again. In what felt like less than a minute they were on line with the system and working through my problem, not just saying, try this or try that, ACUTALLY HELPING. Within a very short period of time system was back up and running and I was heading home thanks to the great people over in KERI Tech Support."

"Support like this is why my access panel of choice that I install for my customers is the Keri panels. Keep up the great work. Thanks again."




1) Talking from my experience with PXL and Doors32 this product has been phenomenal and all of my current customers are satisfied with the product. The migration of when I decided to move into with NXT hardware was very easy. I was confused when I found out about the NXT Mercury Powered panel having more features and more programming options available. I questioned why even have a “standard” and the “amped up” option? I am currently feeling like this is a product I want to keep selling but that is after moving into your question 2.

2) Keri Certification Class. Wow. What an amazing offer and opportunity. Seeing a line of Keri at the enterprise level. Learning how to program the Mercury panels. Seeing all the features and the hands on experience. This was money well spent and I recommend it to everyone. After completing this class I feel confident in the product I sale, although I question myself. Where was this class when I needed it?  I feel like I should of taken this when I made my switch to Keri’s NXT Platform but had no clue about it.

- Master-Tech Electronics, Inc.

Bristow, Oklahoma

Firstly, I must say once again thank you for the excellent standards of service we received from yourself while attempting to complete the remedial repairs and installation of replacement components to our clients system.

Having inherited this Keri controller system, and having no experience with your products, you showed us unbelievable patience and provided invaluable assistance in resolving the various issues.

Once again, ''THANK YOU''

- Paul Briggs PSB Systems Ltd

"Hi Steve,

I would just like to put into an email to thank you personally on behalf of PSD for your help and involvement during the upgrade to the installed Keri system at William Wake House, both on Thursdays visit last week and during the firmware problem encountered on Friday. Whilst the problem encountered was unforeseen the professionalism of yourself, Keri and Mercury in producing a quick fix has won the day. There are still some minor issues onsite and do not seem Keri software or hardware related, and feel confident that with the knowledge gained during the upgrade with yourself that we can finally rectify these issues once and for all.

Can you also please pass our thanks onto Trent and Gary for their continued support, who when contacted for help from time to time are both very polite and more than happy to assist no matter how small the question.

Look forward to hearing from you guys soon, once again thanks for all your efforts Steve."

- Wayne Patrick PSD Solutions Ltd

"Thanks once again for your expertise.
This is the first software which we have installed, v16 on windows 8 using your NXT4D Controller.
The installation was easy to follow using the instructions given within the packaging, along with the software which was very user friendly bearing in mind no training was given before hand.
I called tech support relating a few tech issues and found the team supportive, friendly and very professional.


Key features which I found outstanding:

•Remote Session

•Software interface (easy to set up readers/doors)

•Discovery program to find controllers

•Tech support

Thanks once again to the keri's team especially Trent for his help and support. I will be recommending your Keri Systems to our sale team within ADT Sunbury."

- Gavin Singh, ADT Sunbury

"I just wanted to commend Bud, Noel and, especially Mitch for their excellent support of my customer configuration problems. Without their input I would not have been able to re-configure the new tenant's system. Their input made me look less incompetent and allowed the job to be completed in a timely manner. I can't thank them and Keri for the fine products and professionalism.

- Paul Petty, Liberty Lock and Key

"My name is Andy Coyle and I am the owner of Armadillo Services. I am registered on your site. I sell and install, among other things Keri Door Controllers. Last Friday, I was installing a 4 door NXT controller. I had installed it in my office to test it. The customer wanted keypads and I had not done them before. Your sales team fixed me up with the part numbers for the daughter boards that I needed and I thought that I was ready to go.

I started the installation and a lot of things went wrong. I had never done keypads, I had not yet installed the daughter boards, I made a wiring error, and finally a template in the controller was not working. I started at 9:00 Am and finished up about 9:30 PM.

Through all of this, I made several calls to the technical support department. I am writing to tell you that they are the most professional and helpful department that I have worked with. I had this unit in my office a while and had only the doors extreme software. When I tried to install I was told my trial had expired. The customer was in the process of moving in and one of the doors that I need to secure was a glass door with no other lock. I was definitely under the gun.

I spoke with several people in your department ALL OF WHICH could not have been more helpful and professional. Of special note is Mark and Noel. Noel helped me with the template problem. He had a very thorough knowledge of the system.

I just wanted to tell you how great your staff is."

— Andy

"Thanks for your support. On Tuesday the 15th I drove to your tech support centre in Norwich with my PC. All I can say is that I could not thank these three guys enough for their excellent service and support. I took three different USB to Serial converters, which were found to be incompatible with my PC to Keri PXL Controller. So what did they do? They gave me their only converter they had which worked on my PC, with NO CHARGE, as well as advised me with more technical Assistance. THANKS AGAIN TO STEVE, GARY AND TRENT"

— M.Aslam

"I took the training course on the PXL this past Tuesday. Thank you for the opportunity to take this course online. It was a very good course and I learned a lot. I was very impressed with your professionalism."

— Ed Dabbah

"Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with the level of support I received from Noel regarding the installation/programming of the Entraguard system. I deal with telephone support from many of our suppliers. Noel was definitely
one of the best I have encountered."

— David Nelson, NESS Security

"We installed our first Keri PXL-250 and Doors™ for Windows system recently . . . went in without a hitch. The learning curve was minimal and it installed with great ease. The 6 door system was programmed in less than 4 hours for all 150 cardholders."

— Dave Ventres, Service Manager, Associated Security Systems, East Hartford, CT

"I like Keri products because they work — and keep on working. In fact, one of my customers was so happy, he said Keri proximity worked flawlessly. They're easy to install, they use quality materials, and factory support has always been there for me — just a phone call away."

— Jim Leckie, Protective Electric, Parsippany, NJ

"Keri is so easy to use. It is very flexible, requires little attention, and the people at Keri have been very helpful. Software updates are painless."

— Nolan Hubley, Wiltron Manufacturing, Morgan Hill, CA

"I've been able to configure Keri systems to fit every application I've ever needed. This stuff is practically perfect . . . easy to install, easy to use, cost-effective expandability, the PXL-250 is terrific and customer support has been excellent. Keri saves me lots of time."

— David Cohen, Access Security & Lock, San Bruno, CA

"We've been using the Keri system for 2 years. Its biggest advantage is ease of use. It is very intuitive, flexible, requires little attention, and the people of Keri have been very helpful. When an employee forgets to hand in their card, it is so easy to make the card invalid."

— Mike Carbon, Superior Court of Santa Clara County, San Jose, CA

"You'd be crazy not to have it."

— Eric Johnson, Gloucester Co. Prosecutor's Office, Woodbury, NJ



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Thanks for your support,



On Tuesday 15th I drove to your tech support centre in Norwich with my PC.

All I can say that I could not thanks these three Guys for their excellent service and support.
I took three different USB to Serial convertors, which were found to be not compatible with my PC to Keri PLX Controller.

So what they Did? They give me their only convertor they had which worked on my PC to me.
With NO CHARGE. As well advising me with more technical Assistance.




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