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Volume 1 – Issue 2

In this Issue . . .

Doors v3.76 Release
Entraguard Telephone Entry Updates
Card and Tag Improvements
Keri Expands its Headquarters

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Doors v3.76 Release

Keri has released Doors 3.76, with several key features.

  1. “Display Photo”, when enabled on the Start Monitor page, will pop the cardholder’s photo up on the screen when a card is presented to the A-reader on the Master Controller. The pop-up also includes the user name, access request status, time, and date. Of course the system must be in monitor mode and the photos must have been associated with cardholders via the badging section of Doors. It’s important to note that this feature is free – by itself it does not require the purchase a badging license since all that is being done is adding a photo to the cardholder record, not printing a badge. However, many of those customers who will use the feature may also want photo badges and so will require the license.

    Click Here to see what the Display Photo screen looks like.

  1. Enrollment Wizards have been added to the enrollment screens to accommodate the integration of Entraguard Gold users, and a new field/column provides a space for the entry PIN. Previously, if the system had both Entraguard Gold and PXL-250s on the same network, each cardholder required two spots in the database – one for the card and one for the Entraguard entry PIN. This new field also applies to access-only installations where cards/tags are utilized for some locations and keypad-only for other locations.

    Click Here to see what the new main enrollment screen looks like. There are a number of new screens beyond this initial starting point.

  1. Up to 4 badging licenses can be entered into Doors to allow for up to 4 workstations to access badging functions.
  1. The ability to create a Dealer Splash Screen has been added so that when Doors is opened, the dealer’s information (and logo if desired) is viewed for a short period of time. The dealer can also create a Dealer Help Window that can be viewed under the Help>About menu to provide the end user with dealer contact information.

There are a few other features and details in the release that you should be aware of. Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here for a copy of the Release Notes to get those details.

Entraguard Telephone Entry Updates

Entraguard Gold Standard Keypad Version – The Radiant Keypad version has been out for 6 months and has seen a few modifications to incorporate some improvements dealers involved in telephone entry have requested. Its fast alpha search capability has been very well received by customers, but it should not be used in locations that are in constant direct sunlight for visibility reasons. In those locations, use the Standard Keypad version, which is now released and is being very well received.

Its hallmark features are a Class IP-65 Weatherproof keypad and solid state lighting (no incandescent bulbs to replace), features our competitors don’t have. Like the Radiant Keypad version, it’s a 4-line electronic display with 750 tenant capacity. This unit is 25%-40% less than comparable units from Sentex, Door King, or SES. Equally important is the fact that it is integrated with Keri’s access system under the Doors software umbrella for real access control + telephone entry, not the underfeatured cumbersome access that the others have “integrated” into their products.

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view or print the just-released Entraguard Gold Data Sheet.
  • Click Here to see high resolution photos of both versions of the Entraguard Gold.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view the Quick Start Guide for both versions of the Entraguard Gold.

Entraguard Bronze – This is a residential telephone entry/intercom unit most commonly used for luxury homes with gates. When a visitor pushes the “call” button, a distinctive ring on the resident’s telephone distinguishes the call from a normal call. The resident can talk to the visitor and open the gate from his or her touch tone phone. The Bronze can also forward calls to another phone (such as a cell phone) and has “call interruption” for instances when the resident is on the phone. It can also store up to 50 PINs for resident access. The same rugged keypad and lighting features as the Entraguard Gold Standard Keypad are built into the Bronze. Dealer price is $499, far less than the competing residential units.

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view or print the just-released Entraguard Bronze Data Sheet.
  • Click Here to see a high resolution photo of the Entraguard Bronze.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view the Entraguard Bronze Quick Start Guide.

Card and Tag Improvements

We have made some improvements to our card and tag design that you have seen in recent shipments or will see in the near future. These improvements affect both the cards/tags used with the MS Series Readers and well as the Pyramid Series Readers.

  • Lifetime “Clamshell” Card (Models KC-10X, KC-26X and PSC-1) – the card is whiter than the previous model, the “skin” (cover) is improved and better matches the color of the body of the card, and the logo has moved to a corner near the slot punch. Also, the logo on the card is reverse molded. This allows the dealer to easily private label the credential with a sticker.
  • Multi Technology “Photo Imageable” Card (Models MT-10X, MT-26X and PSM-2) – the logo has moved to a far corner and was reduced in size, the markings to show where to slot-punch are now very small dots, and the flatness of the card was improved, the overall affect being a card that will yield better printing results.
  • Key Tag/Fob (Models PKT-10X, PKT-26X and PSK-3) – the tag is now 25% thinner, making it more pocket and key chain-friendly. Like the card, the logo is now reverse molded.

Keri Expands its San Jose, CA Headquarters

Keri has expanded its San Jose, CA headquarters by 20% and reconfigured the building to be much more efficient. Previously, Keri occupied two suites within the building, separated by another tenant. Manufacturing was on the west side, administration on the east side, with no way to get between suites without going outside (bad news in a rainstorm). When the middle tenant moved out, we leased the space and completely remodeled and reconfigured the whole facility so that the Keri team is all located under one roof. The expanded facility should meet Keri’s growing needs for the foreseeable feature.

Click Here to see a picture of Keri’s San Jose, California headquarters via your web browser.

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