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Volume 2 – Issue 1

In this Issue . . .

Keri Introduces the PXL-500 Tiger II Controller
Keri Integrates Alarm System Control, Monitoring, and Reporting
Doors v4.10 Now Released
Obsoleted Products

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Keri Introduces the PXL-500 Tiger II Controller

The new flagship of Keri’s product line, the PXL-500 replaces the PXL-250 with enhanced features and capabilities.

  • More available features in software
  • 65K cardholder capacity, standard
  • Locking metal enclosure that can house a powersupply and battery
  • On-board LAN socket for a matching low-cost LAN device (the LAN-500)
  • Unconditional 2-year Warranty
  • Great, new installer features
  • The PXL-500 is compatible with existing PXL-250 installations.

Many of these new features were the suggestions of our dealers, so please keep these ideas coming in.

A PXL-500 and Enclosure
  • Check out the PXL-500 products page to get all the details.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view the PXL-500 Tiger II Controller Data Sheet.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view important controller compatibility information.
  • Click Here to view a block diagram of the PCB.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view the updated “Future of Integrated Access Control” brochure
    (1.8 Mb – 5 minute download at 56 Kb connection).

Keri Integrates Alarm System Control, Monitoring, and Reporting

End users have been asking for the ability to arm/disarm an alarm system while gaining access with their proximity card, as well as monitor and report alarm and access system activity from a single interface. With the special PXL-510 controller set as a master, customers can integrate a GE/Interlogix NetworX (Caddx) NX-8E Alarm Panel to provide arming and disarming from the access system’s readers as well as monitoring and reporting of all alarm system activity through our Doors software. New and existing Keri installations can use this feature because a PXL-510 can be added to any Keri PXL-250 or PXL-500 network. Access Control / Alarm Panel Diagram
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view the Alarm Integration with Access Control Data Sheet.

Doors v4.10 Now Released

The accompanying release for the PXL-500/510, Doors version 4.10, provides the alarm system integration function as well as giving you another new feature – “Temporary Cards” – cards that can be pre-assigned future activation and expiration dates and times, down to the minute. This feature is often used for temporary employees, students, or contractors. It is also used when issuing a card to someone whose employment or access privileges won’t start until sometime in the future, because it is inconvenient for the person to return to the badging office on their start day to pick up their card/tag.
Temp Card Configuration Screen

Obsoleted Products

We are discontinuing a number of old and/or rarely used products and accessory items. The list is too lengthy to print here, but Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatthe complete Obsoleted Products list can be viewed on the web site. Please take a look at it to make sure you place any orders for older installations that require these items. We will continue to supply them until stock runs out.

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