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Volume 2 – Issue 2

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Show Schedule
New Low-Cost Long Range RF Transmitter (Clicker) Product
Keri Leasing Program
Online Training via Keri Technical Institute (KTI)
New On-Board LAN Device for PXL-500

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Show Schedule

See us at ASIS, Booth 3525 and ISC East, Booth 951. We have many new things to show and talk about, including a preview of some things we’re working on: Wireless Access Control and integrated Time and Attendance.

New Low-Cost Long-Range RF Transmitter (Clicker) Product

The new RLB-500 RF Transmitter System is now available for shipment, at a savings compared to our previous transmitter products. With a range of up to 500 feet (150m), it is ideal for gated communities, private residences, fleet access and other applications where a long range transmitter adds to the convenience of the system.

Each key chain transmitter has four buttons in case there are several gates close together. It can also contain a proximity element for use with Keri MS Series Readers or Pyramid Series Readers that may be installed in other areas of the facility as part of the overall access control system. Because the Receiver has a 26-bit Wiegand output, it is compatible with our PXL-250W and PXL-500W Tiger Controller products as well as almost all other access panels on the market. The RLB-568 Receiver allows individual garage doors to be opened with the same programmed Transmitter.

Long-Range RF Transmitter (Clicker)

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    Keri Leasing Program Adds to Dealer Profits

    Keri has launched a the SecureLease™ program designed to make it easier for customers to fund their projects. Your customers can lease their access control system over 5 years, with no end-of-lease buyout. The lease covers all equipment and labor, and we can even design a lease to include other components (CCTV, burg, fire, etc.) of a security system. Both the SecureLease and Diamond Lease packages provide a number additional customer benefits, outlined in the links below. Profits for You

    Sometimes your competition isn’t another dealer in town peddling an inferior access control product, the real competition is meeting the customer’s budget. Make it easier for the customer with SecureLease (for USA customers only).

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view a copy of the End User Lease Brochure and Lease Application
    Contact us if you want printed copies to help you promote the lease to your customers or prospects.
  • Click Here to open your browser and go the SecureLease section of our web site

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    Online Training via Keri Technical Institute (KTI)

    Become a Keri Elite Certified Installer We’ve completed our initial “practice” sessions (to excellent reviews), and we’re ready to begin our series of KTI classes. Conducted by a live presenter and requiring only a DSL/Satellite/Cable web connection and a telephone to access an 800 number, these interactive low cost online training sessions will provide your team with the technical knowledge necessary to be superior Keri installers and service providers without having to leave your facility. By completing a series of classes, you will earn “Keri Certified Installer” status, for which we will issue a certificate that you can show your Keri competency to customers and you can use when writing a project specification. Each class also earns you a certificate of completion.

    The initial two classes cover the PXL-500 family hardware installation and the Doors software setup and use. We will also have an end user Doors class that you can add to your quote so you don’t have to do the training yourself. Future specialized classes will cover the PXL-500 and Doors in more detail as well as other Keri products and applications, and will earn credits to becoming a Keri “Elite Certified Installer.”

  • Please e-mail Estrella Garcia ( or call her at (800) 260-5265 x152 or (408) 435-8400 x152 for scheduling information.

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    New On-Board LAN Device for PXL-500

    Connection from host PC to a Keri PXL network using the customer’s LAN/WAN (Ethernet) is becoming more and more popular, for both local and remote sites. The PXL-500 comes with an on-board LAN socket, ready to accept the new LAN-500, a low cost device that takes the place of the LAN-50 and LAN-100. By installing the LAN-500 on the “Master” controller (address #1), using the customer’s existing LAN allows longer distances from PC to Keri network, avoids the use of modems, saves cabling costs, and lets the system be “on-line” at all times. LAN-500
    • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to link to the LAN-500 Application Note

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