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Volume 2 – Issue 3

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Doors v4.20 Released
Training via Keri Technical Institute
Keri Introduces Time and Attendance Terminal
Keri Has Bioscrypt Fingerprint ID

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Release of Doors v4.20 – Dual Verification (Card+PIN)

The most significant benefit that Doors 4.20 brings is true Dual Verification with a PXL-500W Tiger II Controller for high security applications. This feature is most commonly applied in the form of Card + PIN (keypad), but the customer also has the ability to choose from a number of reader types (such as biometrics) as the secondary ID device.

By using a Pyramid Series P-600 Reader/Keypad, both primary and secondary ID devices can occupy the same reader port without the need to “burn” the B Reader port, thus leaving it available to manage the 2nd door if an SB-593 Satellite Board is used. ID data coming from both the proximity reader and the keypad is compared in the controller database for a match, and an access decision is made accordingly. So, utilizing a P-600 Reader/Keypad, each controller can manage two doors, BOTH having Dual Verification.

P-600 for Dual Verification

If separate reader and keypads (or other reader types) are used for primary and secondary ID devices, then each device is connected separately to the A Port and the B Port, and again the match is made in the controller database. Any door utilizing Dual Verification can be configured to require Primary ID-only within a time zone (for instance normal business hours) while after hours requires use of the Secondary ID, and individual users can be granted “Exempt” status which allows them access without ever requiring a Secondary ID. There are several other features and changes that were implemented in v4.20, which can be viewed in the Release Notes.

Training via Keri Technical Institute (KTI) Now Available – Register Online

Become a Keri Elite Certified Installer KTI allows you to get the Keri training you need without having to leave your facility. Conducted by a live presenter and requiring only a high-speed Internet web connection and a telephone to access an 800 number, these interactive, low cost online training sessions will provide your team with the technical knowledge necessary to be superior Keri installers and service providers. By completing a series of classes, you will earn “Keri Certified Installer” status, for which we will issue a certificate that you can show your Keri competency to customers and you can use when writing a project specification. Each class also earns you a certificate of completion.

The initial two classes cover the PXL-500 Tiger II controller hardware installation and the Doors software setup and use. We will also have an end user Doors class that you can add to your quote so you don’t have to do the training yourself. Future specialized classes will cover the PXL-500 and Doors in more detail as well as other Keri products and applications, and will earn credits to becoming a Keri “Elite Certified Installer.”

  • Click Here for the Online Registration Calendar and program details

Keri Introduces Time and Attendance (T/A) Terminal

Time and Attendance Unit Since customers use a Keri access system for “badging in” and “badging out”, they often request the use of the system event activity as a “timeclock” to provide time and attendance data for payroll generation and project costing. In order to provide a more specific T/A solution, we are introducing a series of Time and Attendance Terminals that combine a PXL-500 Tiger II Controller and optionally an SB-593 Expansion Board in a housing that has a built in LCD display to show the user the actual time at which they badge in or out. The terminal can serve as both a T/A Terminal and an access controller since the reader and relay function as they would with any other PXL-500. Future versions will have an optional keypad to allow employees to enter project codes for cost accounting purposes.

The archived event data can then be exported to 3rd party T/A software packages via Keri’s export.exe utility found on every Doors CD. These T/A providers filter the event data to capture the “in and out” data from the designated readers to generate the payroll and related reports. As a Keri dealer, you don’t have to do anything for the T/A function other than install the terminal as part of the access system. Keri has a T/A business partner who will provide the T/A software solution for the customer and pay you a significant rebate based on the T/A software sale.

Keri Has Bioscrypt Fingerprint ID

To meet the growing demand for biometric identification and verification, we now carry fingerprint recognition readers from Bioscrypt. They have become the most recognizable name in the industry, and our customers have repeatedly asked for the product. We offer the V-Flex, V-Pass, V-Prox, and V-Station at very competitive prices, all of which have a 26 bit Wiegand output and are compatible with the PXL-500W Tiger Controller. Bioscrypt Reader
  • Click Here to learn more about Bioscrypt readers

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