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Volume 3 – Issue 1
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Monthly Internet Specials
On Improved Keri Web Site

Our totally reconstructed Web Site is up and running at There you will find all the important and helpful information that was available before (and more), but presented in a more organized and visually pleasing manner. Several things you should take special notice of:

  • Monthly Internet Special featuring a product of the month at a substantial discount, and the item changes every month, so keep checking back.
  • A calendar and enrollment page for our Keri Technical Institute (KTI) online training classes, which can save you significant time and installation costs.
  • Coming Soon – an online configuration tool that will easily let you put together a list of the Keri components required to build a system of any size or shape.

Keri Launches Distributor 2-Door Access Control Kits

We have introduced a distributor 2-door shelf kit that contains the key Keri components required to install a 2-door system, and what is not included (full compliment of cards/tags, locks, switches, buttons, wire, etc.) can be obtained from your distributor’s shelves. The kit contains:

  • 1 ea. PXL-500P Tiger II Controller
  • 1 ea. SB-593 Expansion Board
  • 2 ea. MS-3000 MicroStar Proximity Readers
  • 1 ea. Doors Software CD
  • 1 ea. KPS-4 Power Supply and Transformer
  • 1 ea. RS-232 Cable (PC to Controller)
  • 2 ea. KC-10X Lifetime Proximity Cards, MT-10X MultiTechnology Cards,PKT-10X Key Ring Tags
  • 1 ea. Coupon for a dealer or end user online training class via Keri Technical Institute (KTI) – a $195 Value
2-Door Kit

NOTE: We included only 2 of each card/tag because every customer will require a different number of cards/tags based on their user population. Thus, it would be impossible to provide the exact number of cards/tags needed, meaning customers would either be paying for more than they need or be required to purchase more at the counter anyway.

Available through distribution only.

Keri Obtains GSA Listing

Keri has just obtained our GSA listing under contract #7FCI-L3-03-008B. The final paperwork is going through as you read this, along with our inclusion in the GSA Advantage program, and we will be working hard to get Keri specified into numerous federal projects. In the meantime if you have opportunities where a GSA listing would help, please contact us and we’ll explain the program in more detail. Check the web site soon for more information.

GSA Listing Logo

Lower Prices on Selected Telephone Entry Products

Keri’s February Internet Special on the Entraguard Bronze Residential Telephone Entry/Intercom System has been extended through the end of March. The Entraguard Bronze is far less expensive than competing products, and has several unique features the others don’t have. And we’ve improved the installability and usability of the product by simplifying the programming instructions and pre-programming each unit with default settings such that it is ready to use out of the box. Click Here to check out the details on the product and the Internet special. Entraguard Bronze Entraguard Gold

Additionally, lower prices on the NPL No Phone Line system are now available for our multi-tenant telephone entry (T/E) systems. If you work in an area that charges for local calls, the NPL System circumvents the phone company’s lines so that calls from the T/E unit to tenants are free.

Training via Keri Technical Institute (KTI) Now Available – Register Online

Become a Keri Elite Certified Installer KTI allows you to get the Keri training you need without having to leave your facility. Conducted by a live presenter and requiring only a high-speed Internet web connection and a telephone to access an 800 number, these interactive, low cost online training sessions will provide your team with the technical knowledge necessary to be superior Keri installers and service providers. And lowering your installation costs will results in increased profits for you. By completing a series of classes, you will earn “Keri Certified Installer” status, for which we will issue a certificate that you can show your Keri competency to customers and you can use when writing a project specification. Each class also earns you a certificate of completion.

The initial two classes cover the PXL-500 Tiger II controller hardware installation and the Doors software setup and use. We will also have an end user Doors class that you can add to your quote so you don’t have to do the training yourself. Future specialized classes will cover the PXL-500 and Doors in more detail as well as other Keri products and applications, and will earn credits to becoming a Keri “Elite Certified Installer.”

  • Click Here for the Online Registration Calendar and for program details.

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