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Modem Issues
CaddX Alarm Panel Control
PXL-250/PXL-500 Compatibility

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Modem Connection

Because of recent changes in Keri’s modem offerings and the switch from the PXL-250 to the PXL-500, we thought it would be a good idea to update you on some modem connection changes. To connect the PXL-500/510 to a modem, a cable between terminal block TB-12 on the PXL-500/510 and the modem is required.

While the Keri KDP-336 or KDP-929 can make this connection, some installers may opt to use either an over-the-counter cable or to make one of their own. In any case, the following conditions apply:

  • The plug on the modem end of the cable will either be a DB-25M or a DB-9M, depending on the type of modem being used.
  • The color of the individual wires may vary by cable manufacturer, so you should meter the cable to ensure proper connection. Below is a table showing the correct connections for Keri, over-the-counter, and self-made cables.
Terminal Block Pin
Connector Pin
Connector Pin
1 (RxD) 2 3
2 (TxD) 3 2
5 (DTR) 20 4
6 (Gnd) 7 5

For additional information, refer to the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatPXL-500/510 Quick Start Guide (beginning with Section 4.12.2).

Caddx Alarm Panel Control

With the introduction of the PXL-500/510, customers can now enjoy the benefits of integrated access control and alarm system control. Using the special PXL-510 controller and a NetworX (GE/Interlogix) NX-8E Alarm Panel, the alarm panel can be armed and disarmed using the access system’s readers. Additionally, all alarm system events can be monitored and reported on via the Doors software.

Keri Technical Support can assist you with all access control questions and with the connection/interface of the PXL-510 Controller to the NX-8E alarm panel. For questions concerning alarm panel programming and use, please contact Interlogix directly at 800-727-2339. They are available from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Central Time, Monday through Friday.

For additional information for using the alarm panel interface, refer to the following documents:


Keri has introduced the LAN-500, a new Universal Device Server for connecting the PXL-500/510 to your customer’s existing LAN/WAN. This new, low-cost device plugs directly into TB-13 of the PXL-500/510 Master Controller (address #1), and does not require any external power supply.

When using the LAN-500, Jumpers JP6 and JP7 on the master controller must be removed to make the network connection. The LAN-500 cannot be used on a PXL-250.

For more information about the LAN-500, refer to the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatLAN-50/500 Application Note

PXL-250/PXL-500 Compatibility

The release of the PXL-500 Tiger II Controller and Doors v4.10 software adds significant new features and capabilities to Keri’s offering, including alarm system integration with the PXL-510, future card activation and expiration down to the minute (using temporary cards), an on-board LAN socket for our new low cost LAN-500 that allows connection to local or remote sites, and a host of improved installer features. For a complete overview of the PXL-500, please visit our web site at

The PXL-500 is fully compatible with existing PXL-250-based systems and the new SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board can be used interchangeably with the SB-293. There are some compatibility rules that are extremely important for you to be aware of as you add to your existing systems.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file formatClick Here to view the document with these compatibility rules.

A copy of this document is included with each PXL-500, but please take the time to familiarize yourself with it prior to installation.

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