In addition to the flexible Operator and Client connectivity Doors.NET provides, you can take advantage of powerful features, some of which are designed at making the system more convenient to use,
while others provide more functionality that lets you get the most out of your Keri Systems investment.
Additional software modules for special functions can be added as needed, but are left off the base level software so as to keep the user screens as simple as possible.

Video Integration - Monitor live video or call up recorded video, right from the access control history report. Control hardware directly from the video screen with a right click.
Access plus Video Integration

Video and Photo Matching - Gives live or historical video proof with photo identification to enhance entrance security or provide verification of activity.
Video and Photo Matching

Flexible Cardholder Functions - Multiple access groups and multiple credentials per user make enrollment and card management much simpler, and allows for powerful action sequences based on User Group triggers.
Improved Cardholder Functions

Customizable Monitoring Screens - Lets you easily see at a glance what's happening in real time.
Enhanced Monitoring Screens
Alerts and Alarm Prioritization/SMS and Email Messaging

Screen Customization - The ability to personalize what they are looking at and lets your operators work more efficiently, saving time and frustration.
Screen Customization

Detailed Operator Permissions - Allows you to partition management or monitoring of the system down to the controller and function level, making your administrative task much more secure.
Better Operator Permissions

Right Click Commands - Available in all grids, they allow operators to manage the system quickly and effortlessly.
Right Click Commands

Reports "On the Fly - A convenient way to quickly generate detailed and sortable reports with a few clicks of the mouse. For more sophisticated reports, Doors.NET also has a full function report tool as well.
Reports On the Fly

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