Comparable to HID ®, ProxCard II ®, 26-Bit Credentials

All three Keri Proximity Credentials can be used interchangeably, and are available in both “off the shelf” pre-programmed and custom facility code and ID range versions of industry standard 26-Bit Wiegand format. Each is comparable to HID® ProxCard II® 26-Bit credentials. Custom card formatting is also available as required for adding credentials to existing applications. For specific 26-bit facility code and ID ranges, customers simply need to provide facility code, and internal/external and start/stop ID numbers. ProxCard II® is a registered trademark of the HID Corporation.

1326AKHD 1326AKHD 1326AKHD
Standard Light
Proximity Card
  • Wallet friendly - thinner than other comparable proximity cards
  • Extremely durable
  • Industry standard formats
  • Lifetime Warranty
1386AKHD-I (Imageable)
Multi Technology Card
  • ISO Thin, just 0.031” (0.8 mm)
  • Designed for photo ID printing
  • Can also print Bar Codes
Proximity Key Ring Tag
  • Smallest Proximity Key Ring Tag Available
  • Robust and Durable-Washing Machine Tough
  • Lifetime Warranty


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