In addition to our own Mercury Powered NXT hardware, Keri also offers non-proprietary authentic Mercury Security hardware, which is supported by Doors.NET Professional Edition software.

Authentic Mercury Mercury Powered

Keri Systems and Mercury Security have been business partners since August 2006 when Keri acquired Digital Horizon Solutions, an existing Mercury partner. Though Keri management had known the principals at Mercury for a number of years, it marked the first time we had the opportunity to work together, and have found the shared common business philosophies and practices has made for a great partnership. Keri broadens Mercury reach by serving different segments of the market than other Mercury partners.

Adding Mercury's feature set and capabilities has greatly expanded Keri's ability to meet the needs of customers requiring more sophistication than previously possible with our own products. Additionally, it gives our resellers and our end user customers or any organization considering Keri as a potential solution provider an Open choice of hardware when choosing a Keri system. Mercury’s Open hardware platform ensures our end users will always have the option of changing out our system, should they ever feel the desire without having to replace the Mercury hardware.

This partnership reached a deeper level when we decided to make our native NXT controller family Mercury Powered allowing all our customers to share in the rich Mercury firmware features. Keri has been a Mercury Powered partner since 2011.

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