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Reflections™ Event Video Recorder (EVR) is an advanced video solution for Keri's Doors.NET access control software that provides a number of unique features to enhance the functionality of the access platform in conjunction with 3rd party Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and ONVIF-compliant IP cameras. In addition, it solves a number of problems typically associated with access control and video integration.

Reflections acts a separate Client that integrates much of the functionality of Keri's Doors.NET access control application with the functionality of IP cameras and with NVRs, all from a single user interface. Reflections can be used to monitor both access and video events, manually control doors, outputs, cameras, and operator-initiated recordings, and run system activity reports that may also include archived video clips.



  • Record and view live video from multiple video sources with a single uniform user interface even when using solutions from different video vendors


  • Review recorded clips directly from access control Client history or report screen


  • No reliance on time synching between access and video systems, as Keri links both the access and video data at the time the event transpires using a unique database identifier


  • Drag and drop access control hardware support and text information from within the Reflections Video Software Client
  • View door or input status and control doors or outputs from within the individual camera frames in live view mode or from the Reflections grids


  • Direct IP camera support (view, record and control) without the need for an NVR or DVR


  • Email a snapshot burst notification of designated video events or send an SMS


  • Up to 8 monitor live viewing support - single, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 frame support


  • Play video history from within Reflections or the access control Client, even if the DVR/NVR has overwritten them


  • Cardholder photos can pop up on the fly within the video screen on card presentation


  • Observation Video allows the user to initiate video recording or snapshot bursts on command





By using the Reflections Client, customers are benefited by a common video user interface across multiple video manufacturer NVR platforms via a growing list of available "plug-ins", right-click access hardware control, and some powerful Operator-initiated actions. A key Reflections feature is how access events and video events are associated in the historical database, which is done at the time of occurrence via a unique identification key such that inaccurate time stamps caused by clock drifts are not a factor for subsequent event review or presentation of evidence.

Even without the optional Reflections Client, customers have the ability to view and record from 4 IP cameras within the Doors.NET and Eclipse.NET access control Client via the included Reflections Express. With the optional versions of Reflections, customers are also provided with a number of advantages over traditional DVR/NVR video products by enhancing the functionality of those systems. Reflections Basic or Reflections Plus editions allow customers use a separate Video Client to gather pre-defined video events from a source (DVR, NVR or IP camera) and associate them with their corresponding events within the Doors.NET access control application for later recall directly from the Doors.NET Client. Additionally, it can provide text overlay and right click functionality on the video screen, on-command recording and snapshots, video command and control functions from within the Reflections Client and many other important functions that are important to users


Reflections Video Documentation


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