Entraguard Platinum Documentation

The Entraguard Platinum is the newest in Keri's Entraguard telephone entry product line, with the largest capacity and biggest display Keri offers. The Platinum has a 5,000 tenant capacity, more than enough to handle nearly any large project, and also has two large font sizes: 3/8 inch for ten name display and 1/2 inch for seven name display, adjustable on demand by the visitor. This entry panel is available at a price well below competitive large capacity systems on the market. The unit is designed for durability and weather resistance with a tough 14-gauge stainless steel enclosure. Recess mount kit, hood, camera, handset, and No-Phone-Line are available as options. Additionally, the Platinum can also be fitted with PXL-500 Tiger Controller and SB-593 Satellite Expansion Board to provide one or two door card access capability within the unit itself. Each unit can be programmed with three rotating messages for display.

EG Platinum Like its sister products, Entraguard Silver and Entraguard Titanium, the Platinum provides the best telephone entry/access control marriage available by letting the Entraguard unit function as a node on a PXL access controller network and putting both functions under the acclaimed Doors software umbrella. Each Entraguard Platinum also has two extra relay outputs that can be used in a variety of ways, including turning on a lobby light, unlocking an interior door, etc., by tone commands from the tenant's location or based on an access granted decision. An on-board modem is included for remote programming.


  • Stand-alone functionality or seamless integration with Keri's access control system and Doors software for real access control plus telephone entry
  • Scalable font (3/8 inch or 1/2 inch) for selectable seven or ten name display with up to three programmable scrolling messages
  • 5,000 tenant capacity on all units, customer doesn't pay for extra memory capacity
  • Up to six digit directory code, seven to fifteen digit phone numbers
  • Networkable to manage mulitple doors via RS-485
  • Recess Mount Kit, Hooded Enclosure, Camera, No Phone Line options


Entraguard Platinum Documentation

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