i²  Pre-Loaded Mini Appliances

Keri’s i² SeriesTM Pre-Loaded Mini Appliances

Software installed and pre-licensed, ready to manage an access control system.

  • Turn it on and discover your controllers, then start programming immediately
  • Pre-loaded with Doors.NET Access Control Software (either Appliance, Standard or Professional Edition, depending on the model purchased)
  • Eliminates errors and variability found in customer-provided or off-the-shelf PCs.


The i² Series Appliances come pre-loaded with appropriate software and are ready, right out-of-the-box, to manage your access control system.

There are several versions to choose from - Each offering more capability and memory.

  1. Box - Our basic model is pre-loaded with Doors.NET Appliance Edition Software and comes ready to handle up to 64 readers and 3000 credentials.
    (Download Documentation here)
  2. Plus - Our “Plus” model is the next step up, pre-loaded with Doors.NET Standard Edition Software, and handling up to 256 readers and 10,000 credentials. This unit has enough computing power, memory and storage to run Keri’s entire suite of optional features.
    (Download Documentation here)
  3. Pro - Our top of the line “Pro” model packs a punch with an even faster processor and more memory, capable of handling even larger, feature-rich projects. This appliance is pre-loaded with Doors.NET Professional Edition Software and is capable of managing systems of 512+ readers and up to one million credentials.
    (Download Documentation here)

The Series Appliances also come pre-loaded with:
- Doors.NET Application Server
- Microsoft® SQL Express® Database

Selectable gateways allow the appliances to connect to any Keri controller type:
- PXL-500
- Entraguard
- Mercury® Powered NXT (available only on our Plus and Pro models)


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