Long Range RF Receiver/Transmitter System for Vehicle and Gate Access Keri's line of RF Transmitters and Receivers can be used with the PXL-500P and NXT families of controllers. The "Keri-Key" TM Line (2 button and 4 button) of Transmitters are usually attached to a key ring, and provide up to S00h/1 50m of transmit range to the MS-1400 RF Receiver. The TM-20X and TM-40X clickers have multiple buttons so they can be programmed for different receivers in the event that more than one gate is located within the transmitter's range.

The most popular application is for gated residential communities, where residents and employees can use the transmitter buttons to access the gates as they approach. Keri-Keys are available with an optional MS series or Farpointe 26 bit proximity insert allowing users to gain access to other secure areas and buildings within the facility by using proximity readers tied to the same system as the gates. Other applications include gated single­family homes, access control for vehicle fleets, and convenient disabled access.


  • Ideal for gated communities, private residences, fleet access, etc.
  • Read range adjustable up to 500 feet (150m)
  • One and four button clickers available
  • Compatible with Keri's PXL-S00P, NXT - Using an RM-3
  • Optional Keri or Farpointe proximity insert in transmitter for combination Prox + RF Transmitter

Please Note: Products depicted are for the USA and surrounding countries and are not frequency legal in Europe. For European equivalents, please contact the UK sales office.


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