NXT-RM3 Reader Interface Module

  • Allows connection of Wiegand output readers to NXT ControllersNXT-RM3
  • Also allows connection of Keri MS Series Proximity Readers for legacy systems
  • Mounts on and connects directly to NXT Controller
  • Also mounts on and connects to NXT4X4 and GIOX Input/Output Expansion Modules for applications where controllers are centrally located and access control access control functions are moved closer to the door

Keri’s NXT-RM3 Reader Interface Module is designed to make it easy to connect reader technologies with industry standard Wiegand output to NXT Controllers. It also allows connection of Keri MS Series Proximity Readers, most commonly used for legacy systems where PXL-500 Controllers are also in place being used with KC-10X, MT-10X, or PKT-10X credentials.

The NXT-RM3 securely plugs directly onto an NXT Controller or an NXT-4X4 or GIOX I/O Expansion Module with excellent mechanical and electrical integrity. The option to bring the reader terminations to the I/O modules provides substantial savings in wiring costs because door functions can be located closer to the reader/door, with only 4 wires required to be cabled to centrally located controllers.

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